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and now we can't "un-hear" this either.. asshole.

Creepy to know that about your Mom (you know that WE can't un-read this, right?) However, I must say, if you ever get the chance to try one of those Japanese robot toilet seats, do it, do it, do it! It's hours of entertainment, especially if you can't understand the labels on the buttons, and have to guess what happens when you press one.


Not for long. You're lucky Anti-Flood Protection stopped me or else I would've been first. :P

Lol, what's the huge hype about being first..? Aha, to OP though, that just sucks.

You spell like a retard. Such a shame.

Hey 1. Not for long. You should be pulled very soon. Who cares that you got first????

"Such a shame" is an incomplete sentence.

Haha unlucky for you.

eww lol I've never heard of those things before

You're a girl... she's a girl... How is your life f*cked now? This isn't any worse than talking to her about PMS...

OP, now you know what to get your mom for her birthday! (next year) And you're a girl? That's not such a big deal as I thought before

What has been seen cannot be unseen

better than seeing ur moms hairy v

so true/: haha!

More like seeing her hairy cat!

and now we can't "un-hear" this either.. asshole.


OH NO what Is this, something down here smells like fish when's the last time you used a sink.. ooooo yo booty stink! I hate to tell ya but I don't wanna smell ya.. oh miss thing you smell so funny won't you wash the coochie honey THE COOCHIE HONEY

thats ummmmm very awkward.... but your mom just wants to feel frisky

does your mom scrub her vag with the toilet paper or something?? haha weird

You don't clean yourself after peeing? dirty panties weird :]

Yes, but most women don't scrub at it furiously to the point that the toilet paper falls apart.

there are shitty toilet papers that fall apart at the slightest trace of moisture :( pain in the ass - almost literally - to get rid of it

only in America...

Atleast in American the women clean themselves.

America* fucking iPhone..

I freaking LOVE America

ummm....this has fail written all over it.