By Twiddle - 07/12/2009 07:00 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend invited me for dinner to meet his parents. Turns out his stepmother is my gynecologist. FML
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Wait...I just thought of something...what if the relationship was a hook up? "Jeremy, if you're looking for a date, you can ask one of my patients out." "Sweetness mom!"

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Hey, at least it wasn't his dad right?

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what's a gynicologist? srry... I'm a dummy...

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So what? You worried your boyfriend will find out about your yeast infection?

It's more the fact that she knows whether you're having sex with her son. Or, if she's not, that her boyfriend now knows her mum has seen more than he has. Kinda a weird situation,

This is akward. I dont know if I'd go as far as saying an FML. Still kinda sucks tho. Hopefully he's a good boyfriend and they're good people so you can eventually work through it so it wont be a big deal.

its good that she already knows you.... its bad if she knows you as a little ***** or someone who's gotten treated for many STDs in the past

ill give ya one better... my friends gyno is her boyfriends DAD

I'll do you one *better*! My friend's gynocologist is his girlfriend's dad! Okay, okay, just kidding.

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Its only a fyl if you told her everything about your hot n nasty sex life... and you have aids.