By Anonymous - 26/06/2013 17:05 - United States

Today, another "gentleman" called and asked for my "services". This is happening a lot lately, because apparently I have the old number of a prostitute. I told him I'm not who he's looking for, to which he replied that I sound like a "sexy lady" and that he wanted to have some fun. FML
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Business opportunity? The economy isn't so great out there...

Just change your number :)


Business opportunity? The economy isn't so great out there...

Unless OP is a guy. In which case, it might not be that successful a business, just saying..

vegeta77 4

And apparently she's already getting free advertisement.

14- Possibly, the "sexy lady" part threw me off I guess...

Since OP sounds like a sexy lady, he/she could do phone sex as a female.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

ya ***** yourself out coz your low on cash.. great plan.

I never said anything of the sorts #47. However, one wouldn't have to ***** themselves out to make money here. He/she could do some hiring and be the pimp/madame. Or do a bait and switch and sell Amway or some obscure religious salvation to these lonely Johns?

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

yes, true. but then again you'd still be in that dirty line of business.

And a good way to get STDs

sumbum95 15

Just take the compliment! You are a sexy lady! :D

Unless OP is a sexy man... Which would make this all the more hilarious.

sumbum95 15

Lol now I want to know if Op is a man or woman :)

Just change your number :)

Change numbers? Embrace the opportunity, change careers! OP is now in possession of prime phone sex real estate. She shouldn't let her sexy voice and beckoning horny clients go to waste. Edit: Dammit, Perdix.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

OP should have gave us her number..we're all looking for a little fun too. Haha.

the "mother father gentlemens" will be sad though

MaFioso13 17

Time to change numbers

Well if you are currently in need of an additional income or a job, you know what to do! ;)

perdix 29

Charge a lot and call it an "escort service." With a few clients, you might never have to work vertically any more.

vegeta77 4

Yeah, just give him some outrageous price and see what happens. You ever made 1K in hour? 5K a night?

perdix 29

#24, Yes and Yes, but why do you ask?

vegeta77 4

I was talking to OP.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

perdix, have u really?? thats good money.

perdix 29

#49, yes, but the work was very grueling and still gives me bad flashbacks. I prefer the lower-paid normal work.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

gosh now im wondering what u did. but at least your happier now ... I guess no amount of money is worth it if you're unhappy.

isnt the option of working vertically up to the client?

spartangrl 6

hitman? lol

At least you won't have any problems finding a job if need be.

I smell aids... Koolaids

I actually feel bad for you OP. My cell number is very close to the local welfare office number. Close enough they printed my number on their letterhead. I'm not being solicited for sex but it's still annoying!

My number is slightly different from a local bar/restaurant. We used to get tons of calls from people trying to order food, make reservations, plan wedding receptions, and look for their family members or friends. It almost completely stopped after we pretended to actually be the local restaurant. We took orders and told people to come get it in a half hour. It worked surprisingly well. Perhaps ^ you and OP should just pretend to be the right number till they get the hint.

56- YES! That's a classic, I've done this and holy crap you should hear these people flip out when I tell them that the computers are down and cheques won't be issued at the end of the month!

My old phone no. was very close to a doctor's surgery... Let's just say hanging up on someone yelling at you for not knowing what's wrong with their child... Awkward.

I would just change my number and call it a day! (: