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By Peekaman - 15/08/2010 22:31 - United States

Today, I was riding the subway when a beautiful topless girl walked into my car and sat directly in front of me. Then, the train stopped abruptly and I banged my head. The girl was gone and I realized it had all been a dream. Then I realized I was supposed to get off 17 stops ago. FML
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RecklessJellyBea 7

I'm just gonna assume you were high on something..


rockmetal0712 0

that's actually really funny

UpYoursInAdvance 0

1 You're ******* Georgeous just had to throw it out there and OP WTF is going on Man?!?

ellielovesyuh 0

lol ur story confused me wen u said u were on a subway then a girl went in ur car haha. but It made sense wen I read the whole fml d:

29, I like the spontaneous capitalization

thanks for telling the word that you're a careless daydreaming perv who needs a girlfriend. ydi

were you Dazzled and Dazed by her double Ds?

YDI for not getting off 17 stops ago but nice dream

fi3ldhock3ybab33 8

number 1's picture is the girl Alison from pretty little liars I'm 99.9% sure of that.

Izzy_babii 0

46,I was thinking the same thing

fi3ldhock3ybab33 8

Yeah I saw the pic and I was like there's no way that's actually the person no offense, so I looked it up cause I'm bored haha and one of the first pics on google for sasha pieterse is that picture and that's Alison.

ceejster 0

damn, I'm sorry it was a dream dude!

Brittney_E 0

this fml sucks. fml for reading this and wasting my time.

Op did you actually count out the 17 stops? lol

dominicanchick27 0

61-wats up wit da huge gap it's a waste of space

Griggy 0

Sir, you truly are pathetic.

KiddNYC1O 20

shit dude. where were you going? 17 stops will take you all the way through manhattan loll. Orr were you riding at night when most the trains go local?

17 stops. lmao. wasn't there a Seinfeld episode...?

chocolatedrop 0

dear #61 it was a train. just saying :))

livelaughlove22 0

Spencer dee looks jUST like that girl Alison from pretty little liars doesn't she?

this is a badass fml so stfu fatass :p

you must have beeen in a really deep sleeep.

this is either very fake or very epic... but still hilarious @ the 17 missed stops rofl... use better wording lol i thought we were on the subway and then somehow in your car..but then i realized you were talking about the subway cars :O

OopsieDaisies 0

Wow. 1 is pretty. And she's only 14! ;)

justferfun 0

screw tyou for objectifying women like that

113why does anybody need to show what they look like on a site where you post crappy stuff that's happened to you. too be quite honest half the users here are just a bunch of kids with low self esteem stealing somebody identity to get attention. and if ur one of those kids lacking attention, go throw yourself out in the real world instead of this site.

Bet you only got a pants boner too! QUEERBAG!! no jk, drink a case of monster or 4

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rd_404 0

#1 is actually from a show. PLL. ;] anyways op fyl but it happens

Op had you stayed awake you may have actually seen a topless girl get on in the 20 or more stops you napped through.

no 64, fyl for wasting your time commenting on this fml in which you complained about it wasting your time.... it probably took you five times as long to comment on it as it did for you to just read it and move on........ just saying.....

29- that's not even her unless she's some famous actress, thtas nit her. tht girl starred in pretty little liars. definitely not the real girl

was the topless girl #66? cuz damn she's hot!

YDI for riding the subway when a beautiful topless girl walked into your car and sat directly in front of you. Then, the train stopped abruptly and you banged your head. The girl was gone and you realized it had all been a dream. Then you realized you were supposed to get off 17 stops ago.

Viatus 0

I'm ******* with ******* 37 ******* ydi. ****

oakhan34 0

OP definitely needs a totem like from inception

29 - Number one is some fool putting up a picture from Google that's not even her. The picture is a photograph of a girl in the show Pretty Little Liars named Allison DiLaurentis.

OP, just to **** with your head, I am going to hire a hooker to walk on the train the next time your on it. She will proceed to sit next to you and take off her shirt.

WhyTheFace4 0

what op didn't tell us is that he only missed his stop by seven but had to wait the other ten for his erection to go away.

uhh guys #1 is Allison from Pretty Little Liars :)

Number 1 posted a picture of someone on pretty little liars that's not really her.

EmOsQuAnDa 0

84- I love your picture!! 1- that's not even you. that's the actress from PPL. poser....

EmOsQuAnDa 0

@ #1 that's the first thing I

dancer821 3

wow nice picture 1 ur allison from pretty littlee liars...


DID YOU GAIS NO #1 IS A BIG FATT FONEY?!?! I NEED TO REPETE THAT SHE'S ON A TV SHOW AND NOT #1S REEL PIKK BECUZ I CANT REEDD!! In other words, #1 is a liar, although the jury's still out on whether she is, in fact, pretty and little.

Who the **** cares about #1's pic? It doesn't have to be a pic of the actual user -- if that's the case, then we've sure got an assload of dogs, birds, video game characters and inanimate objects active on this site.

abcdefghijKayla 0

this isn't The Shining. calm down

You obviously have never had a GF if you think that your sex drive disappears when you get one. wtf everyone dreams and once in a while there will be naked chicks, its not like he dreamt of raping someone. even then its still just a dream calm down

mmayawn 0

I hope it was the rack off a lifetime

RecklessJellyBea 7

I'm just gonna assume you were high on something..

FyourLIFEdotCOM8 0

i would assume that as well.

The_good_times 0

I doubt that he would've fallen asleep if he was high, you're too paranoid and anxious when you're high in public to be able to fall asleep.

RecklessJellyBea 7

Unless he took too much sleep aid medication...

ThemApples 0

lol ya I'm goin with 3 on that one

He's lonely because has fantasies of beautiful women? Okay...

he* Damn I'm trying to play Monday night combat and comment on fml at the same time...

Lol sounds like something that would happen to me[: YDI OP