By moose - 14/11/2016 19:17 - Germany

Today, I bought myself a new perfume. Now, there's a sulky husband lying next to me in bed who can't get it up because I smell like his mum. FML
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Lizzy500 16

Take a shower, then give the perfume to.his hottest coworker?

I guess the husband repellent worked.


I guess the husband repellent worked.

what do you expect, OP? wash it the hell off

Sad but true!!

Maybe buying that vintage perfume you found on eBay wasn't the best idea? In other news, I heard his mom made her first sale on the Internet, how exciting!

2 parts tragedy + 1 part comedy equals hilarity

It's really not that funny...

Lizzy500 16

Take a shower, then give the perfume to.his hottest coworker?

I like your thinking.

Hi your name must be insecure.

Or: you have your MIL's Christmas present sorted.

TMO2142 25

I love when people are this evil.

I like your thinking.

I had the same problem!! Early in our relationship I had to ask my boyfriend to change his deodorant because he smelled like my dad.

I can totally feel for your husband. My husband bought some kind of cheap gross aftershave and his face then smelled just like my grandmother's bosom! I couldn't get in the mood for days-finally got the smell out of my nose and bought him so good stuff. Bleh.

I'd like to know how many times you've smelled your grandmother's bosom?

I get it. I've been in that situation before, but the deodorant smelled like my stepdad. It's a creepy feeling. Don't be too upset with him. Mentally, it's a difficult thing to get around.

Would you rather he get horny from being reminded of his mom?