By Noname - United States
Today, I went for a job interview on my birthday. I had on a shirt and a tie on and I had my Blackberry in my pocket. I was running a little late, so I dashed outside. When I came out of the door, a bunch of my buddies screamed HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and poured Gatorade all over me. FML
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By  immortalkid  |  0

OUCH! Brutal... hope you got the job... most employers are understanding. It can be intimidating to interview but if you explain it was your birthday and so on and so forth, I can't see how they'd hold it against you.

By  Flora_fml  |  6

Sucks for you, but it's also pretty awesome that you have a group of friends that are that thoughtful to remember your birthday. I spent last year's birthday by my fucking self because all my friends had "other things to do" like watch TV...

By  alex_vik  |  0

Why would they pour Gatorade all over you? That would just piss me off, even if I was just in normal* clothes.

*Normal being nice jeans and a $30+ dress shirt. I always wear semi-casual.