By bunkbed - 30/08/2011 16:45 - Canada

Today, I bought my daughter a bunk bed. After spending several hours building it, she climbed up, then fainted. Turns out she's afraid of heights. FML
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rexgar2000 10

hey at least you know shell go straight to sleep every time she goes to bed :)

Where the **** did you build it? Mount Everest?


Depending on how young the kid is, it is high!

A bunk bed for only one daughter? She can just sleep on the bottom one or separate the beds so they are both on the floor

enonymous 8

This is a Canadian bunk bed. It's probably built up a maple tree

flockz 19

we wouldnt want the daughter to do jump rope now she might faint from the lack of oxygen...

LiveLaughFML 10

yeah right OP! building her bunkbed inside an airplane was probably not the best idea ever :3

23- yes my first bunk bed was up a 40 foot spruce tree in Northern Quebec. Luckily for me I was not afraid of heights. Thankfully the Canada geese kept a close eye on me so as not to allow me to fall out of bed.

enonymous 8

32 at least you admit it. Most of these people would say it's from ikea

There are bunk beds with only the top and the bottom part designed to have a office, play room, couch or what ever you want, which will save a lot of space from having a begin top of that

40- hey, what do you mean... THESE people? Lmmfao

Ydi...she's your own daughter and if she can climb up a bunk bed she has to be like 6 or 7, and for 6 or 7 years, you never knew she was afraid of heights?

fatme2012 7

How did you not know this about your own daughter? YDI

btnhdude 0
sharleerose 4

Look on the bright side, she'll have so much more room for activities!

I never asked you, 80, but do you like guacamole???

rexgar2000 10

hey at least you know shell go straight to sleep every time she goes to bed :)

CristinaRamirez 0

I decided to get up on this latter and was on a bed...... And OMG my dad is soooooo far down and the town as well so I decided to do my special KO attack and it worked

4: Sucks how the only people that replied your comment wrote stupid shit. So much stupid comments for such a highly thumbed up post.

bitchslapped22 14

60- that was the worst comment ever

SirObvious 1

Make her sleep on the floor...

sxe_beast 11

Or she can sleep on the bottom bunk?

xxsarahfxx 6

she can always sleep on the bottom!

overthelimit 3

the only thing i dont understand is buying a bunk bed if you only have one child.

KrypticPanda 0

Well, if they have another child they dont have to go buy another bed

Where the **** did you build it? Mount Everest?

aguin8 0

Well now you don't have to waste money going to amusement parks

megapeyt 17

I'd call her a wuss for being scared of being no more than six feet off the ground. Twenty feet sure, but that short a distance? Sad sad sad

Yeah, call a kid a wuss because she's scared of a thing that most people are scared of.

Most people aren't Afraid of six feet except wusses

I almost broke all the bones in my left arm when I was a kid which required surgery twice, months of therapy and scars that will remain there forever because I fell from a 6 foot bunk bed. Does that make me a wuss because I'm scared of getting near bunk beds now?

leadman1989 15

I'm terrified of heights. Who the **** wouldn't be?

Shut up Meg... *does Peter Griffin laugh*

That awkward moment when humanity starts calling kids wusses for being afraid of hights, #92 no, just no

I am mortally afraid of heights and even I'm not that afraid O.O