By Zolesz96 - 30/08/2011 16:39 - Hungary

Today, in a queue to the ATM, a hot girl was standing in front of me. The girl's boyfriend grabbed her ass. She turned around and slapped me. FML
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Zolesz96 tells us more.

Zolesz96 7

It was a bit of awkward. The girl was a twenty-something and her boyfriend was over thirty. Jó látni a magyar kommenteket.

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enonymous 8

Grab his ass and see where it leads

rexgar2000 10

I did that when I was a little kid and my dad got slapped in the face. lol true story


enonymous 8

Grab his ass and see where it leads

alstbv12 13

Double jeopardy! Grab her ass since you were already punished for it. Trust me...the courts will side with you...I think.

enonymous 8

I have been snoodling with More-anus I mean Marinus... Sorry baby to give your pet name out :(

LiveLaughFML 10

you should have just kept calm and carried on, at least pretending you got something. aha :D

I don't see why people feel it is okay for someone to jump to a conclusion and slap a person.

I give the boyfriend +5 points for his great strategy.

Should have made a 'deposit' and then claimed you thought it was a sperm bank.

Agreed. Most of the time, its women. Like wtf? Who brought you up like that you violent bitch?

I dont think it'd be legal at that point

kcmjlopez 0

That's her fml after realizing it was her boyfriend who grabbed her. How embarrassing.

bigmanj28 0

If he grabbed her ass after being slapped, it would count as self-defence and karma :D

Should have asked for a free grab, you got slapped for it.

lolololer 8

"today i was trying to withdraw some money from the ATM when this creep behind me grabbed my ass. after i slapped him my boyfriend appeared and awkwardly told me that it was actually him. FML"

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Would be funny if this were the same dude from the video store. Where's a security monitor when you need one?

11-Obviously you're not a pro FML reader.

Dude. I read FML's everyday and I don't miss any. So. Why do I not know about this video store FML?

You don't know about it cause you didn't read it. It's the 28th most recent FML at the moment.

innerbeast86 3

lol I love that you combined the two cuz that's what I was thinking

LaydiexSkull 3

You don't know about it cause you obviously missed it. Hooray for common sense!

leadman1989 15

Missing an FML doesn't mean you don't have common sense. Not missing any might mean you don't have much to do. :

LaydiexSkull 3

If you read her above comment you'd understand what I meant

nikkilorenz7 5
SirObvious 1

Just pretend you got some fool

alphatoomega 21

Maybe he doesn't want any fool.

rexgar2000 10

I did that when I was a little kid and my dad got slapped in the face. lol true story

dumb people like him are the reason i just read about a lawsuit about a nurse suing for physical assault over someone tapping her shoulder.

27 - You don't see the difference between tapping someone on the shoulder and hitting them in the face?

It's trolling cause he's faking the lawsuit-obsessed American stereotype and trying to start a flame war. It's kinda obvious.

Just act cool n tell her it wasn't u and she owes u for slapping u

bigkountry209 0

then he can grab her ass without gettn slapped haaaa

dd809 9

You guys are idiots. I'm almost embarrassed for you. Try being mature or acting your age.

Is writing the word you too hard for "u"?

Re-read the FML again buddy... He didn't do anything.

Okay, for every 4 year old that utilizes FML, I'm joking ;)

GravyGuy 11

Jokes are suppose to be funny.

GravyGuy 11

Why didn't you add a D yourself?

52 - I modeled my comment after your comment.. 53 - No one asked you, and I do not believe it's spelled "Slim Shadey" either..

LuLzUnDaTaBrDgE 0

Of course he deserved it!!! He grabbed a girls ass

I'm pretty sure a 4 year old could've came up with a better "joke".

LuLzUnDaTaBrDgE 0

Did u guys like my joke up there??? Oh wait........

Would you like to be that 4 year old? I said I was joking, not that I was telling a joke..

67 - Why did you decide to enter a spelling conversation when you can't even spell "you're" correctly? Just a thought..

This guy's a fighter, folks! Hold him down!

GravyGuy 11
FMS23 0

Why do u take the time to argue on the Internet? Even if u win your embarrassing yourself for even attempting to argue. If you lose then oh well because I'm pretty sure no one in the conversation knows you?

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Just like the Special Olympics. Whether you win or lose, you're still retarded.

leadman1989 15

Great, highly offensive and just plain inaccurate. I mean should we all have arguments and disagreements In formal debate settings?

Can you guys shut up it's FML who the **** cares about spelling