By CallmeTokey - 12/07/2016 03:21

Today, as I was laying on the bottom part of my bunk bed, I noticed a beam on the underside of the top bunk that seemed to have no place being there, so I tried to find out what it was. I soon discovered it was to support the bed after it promptly collapsed on me. FML
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justcommenting19 19

Well yeah, beams on the bottom of a bed are usually there for support. But I guess some people leave the hard way.

Maybe Tokey should do less smokey.


LevelupKid 8

Damn son...are you okay?

foxesntea 22

Oh god op, I hope you aren't too seriously injured. As someone who had a bunk bed I was always afraid of that exact situation.

Yeah but you didn't decide to pull out a beam underneath the top bunk, from what I hear doing shit like that greatly increases the possibility of an accident

At what point does one cross the line from "injured" to "too seriously injured"?

Simple. Think of a broken arm. That's injured. Now think of a crushed lung, spine, and pretty much anything else. That's seriously injured.

*wishes for the well being of someone* *gets down voted* K. You guys are kinda sick

Yeah, I don't get that either.

justcommenting19 19

Well yeah, beams on the bottom of a bed are usually there for support. But I guess some people leave the hard way.

I don't know if you meant leave or learn, I'm assuming learn, but what could have happened makes your mistake morbidly amusing :D

justcommenting19 19

I meant learn, but I wrote it early in the morning half asleep, and now I realize how much better it is interpreted your way :)

danimal_crackerz 26

Your profile picture fits this comment perfectly.

Maybe Tokey should do less smokey.


Good "insert space" f*****g "insert another space" job.

Wow. You actually got more down votes than the person you were trying to insinuate was stupid. Good job.

*Rolls eyes* If you're young enough to still sleep in a bunkbed then you are definitely too young to be fiddling about with it like that. Ydi

Didn't know there was an age limit to sleeping in a bunk bed.

Or an age limit to fiddle with stuff.

A bed is a bed, the only difference between a regular bed and a bunk bed is the design, and I fail to see how the design of a bed, unless it's specifically for a young child, changes the age restrictions. You also don't know their circumstances, they could be an adult who uses a bunk bed to conserve space. They could live in a dorm. I believe some military quarters use bunk beds as well. You really shouldn't judge.

my friend is 15 and has a bunk bed.

I had a bunk bed until I was 16. The bottom part was a futon, and the top a normal twin mattress. I loved it, and would still have it at almost 19, for the convenience of a couch in my room... There is no age to a bunk bed.

They have bunk beds in some dorms? Idk I remember seeing bunk beds when I was in college and that was only a few years ago.

Yes, they have bunk beds in some dorms. I live in Canada, and we have them here sometimes, maybe it's different with different countries. They use them because, especially since depending on the layout of the dorm, sometimes they can't fit 2 twin beds in the room, so they use bunk beds because they stack and give more space.

My husbands cousin is 21 and has a bunk bed. It works perfectly fine, and doesn't cost anything. As a university student, I think not spending money on a new bed because a bunk bed may be too juvenile, is a higher priority than spending money on a new bed because a bunk bed may be too juvenile.

Can confirm that military uses bunk beds.

Can confirm that there are DEFINITELY still bunk beds in some college dorms. I had one just last year!

And, there's bunk beds in jail. I seen it on 'Orange...'

I hope your managed to save face by yelling "Jenga!" as it collapsed.

You had one job.Sleep in the bed.

Le_ponderer 14

Au unfortunate incident for curious George...