By Forever Alone - 14/06/2016 09:26

Today, I was talking to my mum about how I'd quite like to have kids someday. She responded: "Well, nowadays they let singles adopt as well, don't they?" FML
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kaysheik 16

Give her nothing but grandcats.

lexiieeex3 32

Well that's kind of harsh, damn, Mom...


lexiieeex3 32

Well that's kind of harsh, damn, Mom...

PBplusJ 12

Adopt 30 and see what she has to say then

I predict Child Services calls from anonymous strangers for 30 kids.

kaysheik 16

Give her nothing but grandcats.

pleasedie 22

This might be a little rude but your mom sounds like a bit of a bitch. Don't worry OP I'm sure you'll find the right person to settle down and have kids with. Honestly I don't see why some people think of adoption or single parenting as a negative or last resort.

Single parenting is a negative. It's been proven many times that being raised by 2 parents (generally a male and a female) is significantly better since being raised by a single mom or dad has been linked to a higher chance of ending up in prison, divorcing their future partners, etc.

Maybe she meant why wait for a man to have kids? And she wants grandkids from you right now? Or she just thinks you'll be alone forever.

She might think you meant you wanted kids immediately, depending on how you phrased it. Or that you aren't interested in romance, depending on how you've approached it in the past. Or, she might think you aren't the type to stay in one relationship.

You can always go to a sperm bank or start making homemade jam.

PePziNL 20

To see those two things in the same sentence is a little odd.

species4872 19

You are the best judge if it was mean or not but good luck for the future.

jcash52426 5

Please excuse my language but your mom sounds like a bitch. You have as many kids as you want and when she calls to see them tell her that they let old women adopt them.

better yet, cash in on the grandma sitting service often

Don't punish the children because grandma was being rude. As long as she is a positive influence on them, let them have a relationship with her.