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By  SilverBallet  |  6

#34, the price of your phone has nothing to do with where you can or cannot shop. WalMart generally has pretty good prices, and, personally, if I'd gone and spent four-hundred bucks on a phone, I'd want to save where I could. Why spend five bucks when you could spend three? And this just proves that WalMart floors are like kryptonite to phones...

By  khaldun  |  6

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By  Lou_Briccant  |  8

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  friedpwnadge  |  8

Well while you are still paying off your five hundred dollar android, I'll sit here with my 179.00 16gb 5s and use a reliable and stable OS with quick response and virtually no bugs. Conceited asshole.

  ilanie04  |  8

I dropped ny iPhone hundreds of times in toilets.. in the bathtub 2-3 times too it worked still. Then some on stole it so I cant say if it works now or not but thw point is. iPhones are amazing. I dropped my android a few times and the screen cracked. So you dont know what you're talking about

By  thursday0384  |  5

i understand how you feel. i'm like that w/ my iPod so every time i grab it w/ a handful of other things i try to mentally prepare myself to keep a firm grasp on the iPod no matter what else i drop. takes practice!!

By  dedizioni  |  7

i'm sorry. the iPhone is probably one of the best phones out there. i got my iPhone the first day it came out, then switched to the 3G the first day it came out as well. i know i won't be switching phones for a while. this phone, even though can't receive multimedia messages or record video, is still, by far, the best phone out there. i have dropped mine plenty of times, it's cracked on the back, i don't care. it works fine, and if it gets bad enough, in about a year, i'll be able to get a new one at the discounted price. no biggie. but wow, you paid 400 dollars for it? i got my 16gb for 300. :/

By  katiebaby  |  5

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