By Amrit - 03/04/2021 01:01 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out that a few years ago, when I lost my kids to my ex-wife, it was because my current wife secretly hated having to be their stepmom, so she conspired with my ex to ruin the custody hearing in my ex's favour. FML
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I think you misspelled "soon to be 2nd ex-wife".


I think you misspelled "soon to be 2nd ex-wife".

bleachedraven 14

Lawyer up, for custody and divorce. obviously family is priority over someone so hateful and deceitful. So sorry, chin up!

Lydmyers 9

you mean your current but soon to be ex wife? that's unforgivable.

should've taken that b**** on steve wilkos show. expose her in front of everyone.

Sounds like she is just using you if she doesn't accept your kids.