By Anonymous - 30/01/2012 23:45 - United Kingdom

Today, I drove home from work, only to find both my next-door neighbours loudly arguing in the middle of my driveway. I got out and asked them what the hell was going on, only to find out one of their inbred kids had put a brick through my back window, and each is claiming the other did it. FML
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Glitterhinoceros 14

It's YOUR driveway, run them over with your car.

thatshot808 6

If your family tree doesn't fork, then you might be a redneck


thatshot808 6

If your family tree doesn't fork, then you might be a redneck

SupahAsian 4

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SupahAsian 4

Yeah, I guess that was ignorant of me.

Do they call them rednecks in the uk or is there some cool English slang for it?

In the UK, they're known as Gypsies. In Australia: Sister-*******

Justy101 23

No, in Australia they're known as bogans.

Nah in Aussie land bogan is just a general name for doggy, good for nothing young people :/

I think we'd probably call them pikeys in the UK. I would anyway.

Doggy good for nothings hey? I disagree, a bogan is someone who drinks XXXX, lives in thongs and footy shorts. Often with names like Shazza and Bazza...

And has a Southern Cross tattoo, drives a ute, wears a flanny etc etc.

Glitterhinoceros 14

It's YOUR driveway, run them over with your car.

Inbred kids these days, putting bricks through windows. Yeah, run em over

And run over the little bastard that put a brick through your window.

Make them go halves in the cost, stupid neighbors!

Glitterhinoceros 14

15, theres no flamingos related in this FML...

Damn it 41. I was thinking the same thing.

We don't call them rednecks, but I guess we have the same 'breed' of people: gypsies, pikeys, chavs etc.

Ninjasaurus18 9

69- Be nice. My family comes from a long line of circus people, fortune tellers, con artists and gypsies, in the Romania, Czech Republic, Turkey and Hungary area. But the real gypsies, not the white trailer trash of New Jersy.

pinkcrayola 0

At least you get the please of suing them!

pinkcrayola 0

**pleasure I'm blaming this one on auto correct

They have no money, cause apparently, they'll be rednecks /hill billy tone/ Obviously.

"Don't throw away good money after bad" it would cost way more to sue them, even if one ends up paying. Ask them for half half or pay it urself!!

My exact thoughts. Make them both pay. If they bitch, tell them you're calling the cops for vandalism and 'trespassing'. I would.

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Ferretface 13

Also, to a place where people can spell.

I'm a redneck, but I'm fairly sure I can spell. Redneck is just as bad a stereo type as any else. I live in the south as well. We aren't all dumb. ;)

I'm a redneck. What if I said move immediately to a bitch free zone?

Well, 54. Then you'd have to follow 20's advice still. And being a red neck isn't bad. Hoosiers are bad.

taybail 0

Just cuz u livez in the south does not mean that you are a red neck

That'd okay back windows are over rated anyways

I love looking out my back windows. Plus, they come in handy when my dogs are outside, I can tell when they are doing something they shouldn't be doing.

iFizzgig 11

Your property = trasspassing = legal murder

No, that would be self defense, in which you still can't kill someone.

Pretty sure if it's posted as private property you can shoot. Atleast it is where I come from. Maybe.

32- I could be wrong, but I think you need to have a sign up saying something like "private property, trespassers will be shot." But maybe I'm just thinking of the idea of a classic junkyard displayed in movies?

You can't legally hurt someone physically from trespassing unless they are harming you physically

Where I live, if the person is on your property, facing you, and not running away, they are fair game.

All of this depends on where your from i suppose. My mom (who is a cop) told me there is no such thing as self defence (in minnesota) now if an elderly man gets pushed off his bike and gets mugged by 3 punk teens; and he shoots and kills one of them, of course the police wont charge him. Essentially its the officers/authority's choice in the matter. (true ******* story by the way)

Now if 2 men are robbing a corner store at gun-point, and the cashier pulls a gun and shoots (not kills) one man in the face and chases the other out of the building, cops wont charge him. If he comes back and pumps 5 or 6 more shots in his belly, that right there is charges up the ass. (another true story, seriously look these up) on your own property its no different. (unless its private, im not sure about private property)

UNLESS, you told them to leave and they refuse, then i belive you can use force to make them leave. This is all from memory also, my mom is not telling me about this right this second.

Another case is where an elderly man is sitting in his bed and hears a noise, and he grabs his shotgun. Then a punk kid walks around the corner and gets a shell right to the chest. Cops wont charge him. I personally think that its the cops choice. (funny story, burglerys stoped in the area for a month XD)

34-That's what I meant by posted as private property.

Where I live, you can kill anybody stupid. But only in your dreams :(

NoSpacesHere 3

Just another day in the trailer park...

aantho_fml 0

I believe it is called a trailer-hood now.