By notsosmart - 06/03/2011 11:28 - Australia

Today, my son broke a window at school playing football. Not only did he break one, he broke the other window next to it. His excuse? He tried making it look like a bird flew in one way and flew out the other. I have to pay $800 to fix it. FML
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pattheaninal 9

Sucks for you, make him work and pay for it himself!


No one cares. Now go back to your bridge, troll.

No one cares. Now go back to your bridge, troll.

Themuffinman728 0

Makes perfect sense. I don't see the problem here.

pattheaninal 9

What are you talking about, his son is a genius! *sarcasm*

persianjr1 7

your kid has a strong throw!! haha. two windows?

Morenna4 0

lol , actually thts pretty smart lol .

theten_fml 9

congratulations! it's an idiot

86 op lives in Australia football is our soccer not American football

CommonSenseKarma 17

Think it's time for the comparison between stupidity and football, sí?

ramboman19 8

kids do the darndest things!

Sucks for you, make him work and pay for it himself!

your dumb if you didnt make him pay for it or at least not give him allowance or w.e if you do until it adds up to 800$

You're dumb if you don't know that the dollar sign goes in front of the money amount. And by the way? It's "You're* dumb" not "your dumb" for future reference.

Yeah get him 19!! Show him what proper grammar looks like!

First off, some countries in Europe do the currency sign after the number because you don't say "Dollars eight-hundred".

john7h567hgrd 0

Ya but this is America where our grammar makes no ******* sense... so up yours!!

my bad i didn't know i was writing an essay for school sorry teach

Can't you read? He's a real Chinese, he doesn't care about non-mandarin grammar.

his allowance would need to be pretty big to pay it off

PushMyButtons 5

crap it was 101 still. I love it.

19, it's "And by the way,", not a question mark tyvm.

If it was an allowance wouldn't it still be coming out of OP's pocket? lol

u need to beat the hell out of him because thats the stupidest hing i ever heard.

someone needs to beat the hell outta you, for even saying they should beat the kid.. you have issues.

There's nothing wrong with beating a bad kid. Obviously, you shouldn't strike a child with a clenched fist, but spanking never hurt anybody.

and all the people the spanked kid eventually beats up because they are taught violence is an appropriate response to anger.

spanking and beating are two different things.. 10 clearly said "beat the hell" out of hiim.. obviously abuse.

iluffmcrandbvb 1

oh yeah spanking never hurt anybody except for the person that got spanked. ppl who abuse kids are horrible, vile people.

i was spanked as a kid. as a result, i know if i **** around i'll be punished. i have never, would never, and will never wilfully cause harm to befall another human being or animal. spanking =/= child abuse.

I was spanked and I don't go beating people up. I plan on spanking mine too. also 96 I believe 56 might be right. I say to my parents and they say it to "I would gave beat the shut out of you" and they and me mean spank.

cptmorgan15 2

This is why I dislike freedom of speech. Everything on FML turns into a huge, neverending internet argument. Stop stating your opinions people, nobody cares.

whybother8 0

tell yur son to get a J.O.B ASAP!

pattheaninal 9

No. Just a bird, sorry to get your hopes up.


You have to pay $800 to fix it; your son has to earn $800 to pay you back.

Well done! You have successfully summarized the FML and posts thereafter...