By notsosmart - Australia
Today, my son broke a window at school playing football. Not only did he break one, he broke the other window next to it. His excuse? He tried making it look like a bird flew in one way and flew out the other. I have to pay $800 to fix it. FML
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  liindsey  |  25

You're dumb if you don't know that the dollar sign goes in front of the money amount.

And by the way? It's "You're* dumb" not "your dumb" for future reference.

  Grimmerie  |  31

i was spanked as a kid. as a result, i know if i fuck around i'll be punished. i have never, would never, and will never wilfully cause harm to befall another human being or animal. spanking =/= child abuse.


I was spanked and I don't go beating people up. I plan on spanking mine too.

also 96 I believe 56 might be right. I say to my parents and they say it to "I would gave beat the shut out of you" and they and me mean spank.