By Ashlynnlove - 10/02/2014 14:12 - United States

Today, whilst getting out of the shower, I tripped on the lip of the siding, bruising my middle toe. I fell, and in doing so, squished my cat. She won't even make eye contact and keeps wheezing. I have a feeling she is plotting my death. FML
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I said FML because I feel horrible. And of course I took my cat to the vet. She is fine. No internal bleeding, no punctured lung, no limping. The vet said there was no damage and to be more careful. Trust me, I won't leave the bathroom door cracked open anymore. Just an update.

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If she's wheezing, take her to the vet! You can't be dumb enough to think that's the cats "evil laugh".


Probably doing both simultaneously; cats are expect conspirators and are born with the intention to murder it's owner in the most insidious of manners. That is until you throw them some catnip. It is the only way,

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#17 - It's impossible how perfectly your profile photo matches up with your comment.

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Actually the cat IS planning to kill OP. The cat just needs to get some medical treatment and then it will strike her!

Well done #38, you have seen through my game ;)

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I feel like 61 has been waiting his whole life for this fml

I feel like some people need a reality check. It's cat! Noone gives a fuc*

#17 I read your comment in the most evil voice ever...

If she's wheezing, take her to the vet! You can't be dumb enough to think that's the cats "evil laugh".

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You know, I used to think like that. But now I know that stupidity has no limits. The cat will probably die from a collapsed lung and the owner will show his great (though hardly full) potential for idiocy when he/she writes a new FML stating the cat is playing dead so they will drop their guard.

Oh my gosh. What's wrong with you?! Get her checked out immediately! And get over yourself.

wheezing or hissing?? I sure hope you've just worded this fml badly, else your cat might need a vet right away

At least you didn't break any bones. Although it probably would've been better than the possibility of your cat killing you.

It's more of an FML for the cat. OP will obviously survive (maybe), but the cat won't if it keeps wheezing and she won't treat it.

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Yiur cat is thinking on same lines ..."This bitch is trying to kill me"

Poor cat! Take her to the vet! You can fix your human-pet relationship after you know she's okay

Uh yeah no crap. If the cat is constantly wheezing there's probably something wrong beyond just being mad at you.