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Today, while standing in line at the grocery store, the elderly lady in front of me had forgotten to pay for her milk. In the spirit of the season, I paid for it and wished her happy holidays. She snatched the milk and gave me an ugly look. Then huffed at me before stomping off. FML
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That is when you run up to her, grab the milk, and dump it all over her! Some old people think they have the right to be rude, she deserves to get soaked!


Sirin ftw?poor OP thought people would be grateful for that... oh well at least there still are nice people around

The op is a ******* bitch. read between the lines

But then, you can't really differentiate between someone who celebrates Christmas and someone who doesn't. So either you get bitched at for saying the politically correct "happy holidays", or you offend someone by saying "merry Christmas" when they don't celebrate Christmas.

Well if I tell a Jewish person "Merry Christmas", then I have no problem if they respond with a "Happy Hannukah". I understand your point, especially from a retail perspective. It just bothers me when everyone tries to please everyone else, even when that means forsaking your own values and customs.

See, that I wouldn't mind either. But since most people are bitchier during the Christmas season, most tend to flip out and become offended. In a perfect world, we could say Merry Christmas and they could respond back with whatever holiday they celebrate. I wait for the day.

1 congrats. I ain't going to hate like the rest of these haters. one day I'll get that coveted spot, one day..

15, It's against the rules to say first so I'd think twice.

Sorry to say ,but people are harsh, especially old people. Just learn your lesson: Don't help the elderly they will look at you funny.

Indeed. If any trolls start whining about censorship, I've got a whole keg of sarcasm at my disposal. Remember kids, only you can stop flame wars. Oh wait, I can too, hahaha! Ain't that something.

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But Sirin, where's the fun in that? I say burn away! >:]

so what kind of stuff would get moderated?

lo what im wondering is why # 15 said first.

I said first XD but I didn't get moded.... yet -_-

We're all proud of you Taco, have a cookie :-)

are there taco flavoured cookies? if so I'll have two please :)

what if I yelled second!! and I was actually first ten what? :o

I think you'll be sucked into a blackhole and next thing you know, you're in Haiti.

that's what I've always wanted. a ******* nine iron up my ass. yay. :D

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Stomp the bitch, OP. Don't take that shit like a pussy.

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Rape is not the answer, Kay. It is extremely traumatizing. Try being more peaceful. ;P

That's the first time I've seen "Kay" and "peaceful" in the same paragraph.

Most Christians don't like it when you say Happy Holidays, so maybe of she was Christian and got offended...

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KaySL- Where exactly are you standing? I need your address, phone number, zip code, state, country, and...a nine iron so that I can stick it up my ass. Oops! Did I say MY ass? I meant to say that taco guy's ass. I know how badly he wants it up there.

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Yeah, just take your Iphone/Ipod Touch and try to literally shove it in your ass. Then let it marinate in there for a while, pull out, and there you have it. You un-blocked that person.

hmm sounds like something Paula Dean would do.. lol

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Really? Shit...I thought that would work for sure. Well, there is another way, but it's much more difficult then the way I just told you. You have to go to your inbox, look for "view my contacts", click on it, then it'll say the name of the person you blocked or messaged, and click on "Un-block".... Then try shoving it up your ass again so that it doesn't happen again.

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tsk tsk tsk. you just don't learn do you 159?

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first!! Can I shove my iPod in my ass??

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163...why the hell do you want to stick your ipod in your ass??

oh sirin how you make me reminisce of communist russia.

my first moderated comment... awesome.

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when you dance with penguins, beware of falling grapes from Ted the squid :O

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How do people become mods? Did they create the sight or did you people apply for the post? O.o

#102 - but what if the question was 'Where does Canola oil come from?' See? Sometimes rape IS the answer.

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And if I had said "Merry Christmas" it would've turned out that she was Jewish or something else and she still would have gotten offended. The way I wished her merriment had nothing to do with it. I had half a thought to go snatch my milk back and tell her never mind on the well wishes. But... oh well. Happy Holidays anyways!!!

HAHA! why didnt you do that xD just run up next to her and yell "YOINK" while you took "her" milk :D

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Op stole a karma point from her. She doesn't have much time to earn it back.

No. You have to understand that white hair & wrinkles don't magically make you sweet & kind. There are asshole old people just like there are assholes in any other age group.

damn it i hate old peoples manners they can be so rude they think they can act in all ways just because their old and no one will dare say something to them

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stfuscrub420 0

haha what are you talking about irony im talking about her grammer and speling basic things and you say irony your dum haha

*dumb my friend. you don't correct someone's grammar then **** it up yourself.

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Too many errors. ****** scrub, read between the lines.

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why are you guys geting mad at me im just trying to correct some ppls bad spelling nd grammer oh and sorry *grammar one mistake and you all flip out at me okay thats justifecation to call me names

*Ahem*. Let me help you. Why*, getting*, ?*, I'm*, people's*, poor spelling*, and*, grammar.**, Oh,*, sorry,*, on instead of at*, me.*, Okay,*, that's*, justification*, names?*. So, one error?

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okay mayb im not the best speller but im better than average and im just tryeing to educate these people who dont and your getting mad at me and calling me names and its not really nice and its uncalled for for me to try and do something nice for the comunnity.

You're trying to educate by telling a guy (in another FML) that he used "your" and "you're" incorrectly, when he didn't? Learn to spell and learn to construct proper sentences and then you can do the community some good.

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okay my spelling is fine your just correcting the little unecessary things to be a grammer nazi dont try to convince me that i cant spell because my mther tells me i am very good at it

Scrub, I really hope you're not serious. Something nice for the community?? Calling someone "dum" is nice? Your spelling is horrendous, your lack of punctuation is appalling, and the majority of your comments are nearly incomprehensible. You trying to correct others' grammar is akin to a blind art teacher trying to advise a student on what color to use. Stop. Just stop. EDIT: Your mother must be just as stupid as you.

*facepalm* Scrub, read your inbox. I believe there's a message waiting for you.

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ok now your just not making sense lol a blind art teacher how dose that relate to this topic or my grammer at all i dont know why your all against me like im doing somthing wrong or somthing

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lmfao is it against the rules to troll this hard? Sorry I'm done

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should of said- "don't be trollin' girl!"

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oh and 129 dont make fun of my mother she is the nicest person in the world and i know she is smart she went to collage so dont tell me shes stupid because your wrong and you dont know how smart she is she went to collage ok

She went to *collage*? Really? What, the University of Papier Mâché? Scrapbook College? Macaroni Necklace State? Troll or not, you are officially dead to me.

stfuscrub420 0

im not a troll whatever that it but i dont care if im 'dead' to you my mother tells me not to care what other people think so whatever you say since you call me all these names and being mean ill live peacfully and not care what other people say about me

Alright, I think this has gone on long enough.

KingDingALing 9

Yeah, your mom is REALLY nice in the sack also. I don't expect you to know what that means since you're 12. Your balls haven't even dropped yet.

wwerulez14 6

You hear that guys? Scrub's mother went to "collage". First of all, it's "college". Second of all, there are 4th graders who have better spelling than you. (FML has a spellcheck, does it not?). And you're 12. There are kids a few years younger than you, and yet they can actually form proper sentences, with correct spelling, and yet you can even use punctuation such as a comma properly? You sir, are the reason I weep for the future. May god help us all (to be politically correct, you can substitute in your own deity). Oh and Steff, I don't think he knows what a metaphor is. Wouldn't want to make what small remnants of a brain that child has in his skull melt into a puddle onto the floor now would we?

In his defense, I've seen people older than me who spell at the same level and/or worse.

wwerulez14 6

I've seen kids with Downs do a better job forming sentences.

stfuscrub420 0

Gore - Down Syndrome. Scrub - It isn't funny. Cut it out. Otherwise your dentist will be the only one able to identify your remains.

Scrub, do the world a favor and never, ever reproduce. I'd hate to see what braindead cretins you'd spawn.

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What ugly beast would what to reproduce with you? O.o

Yo, stfuscrub420. I fixed up your comments for you. Please no, don't thank me.

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Thats a lot of moderated comments. Scrub says thank you, btw.

Looks like scrub won't be saying much of anything for a while...

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I literally have no idea what that guy said. I keep missing these FML wars! Gah!

Gotta love siren and the super mod powers ;)

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Some of the elderly are just complete assholes :/

Maybe she was offended because you thought she needed your charity.

That is when you run up to her, grab the milk, and dump it all over her! Some old people think they have the right to be rude, she deserves to get soaked!

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Are you *trying* to get shot?

hahaha nah I just wouldn't want to be treated so badly! But I get what you are saying, my option was a bit extreme:P maybe just settle by referring to her as "Wrinkles" next time you tell this story just to satisfy your need for revenge!

maybe instead of saying happy holidays, you should have wished her a marry Christmas.

Firstly, it's spelled "merry". Secondly, it's more proper in retail to say "happy holidays" rather than "merry Christmas" because some may not celebrate Christmas. They may become offended if you had said merry Christmas.

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who the hell's offended by merry christmas. even if they don't celebrate it, they would just tell you that they don't celebrate it.

wwerulez14 6

Although Steff has a point, people annoy the shit out of me with this "Happy Holidays" bullshit. All these years people didn't say a word about people running around saying "Merry Christmas", and suddenly people get a little overly sensitive if I don't include other holidays? What happened? Why can't people just suck it up? There are children who will die of starvation these holidays, and yet people have to obsess over if I wish someone a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holidays? Ridiculous. Well that's my opinion. Feel free to hate on me now. :)

I'm no fan of political correctness either, but try to imagine being Hindu or Jewish or Zoroastrian in a predominantly Christian country. Christmas is shoved down your throat vigorously starting after Halloween, so being wished a Merry Christmas may not sit well. That said, wishing somebody a happy holiday season, no matter the exact verbiage, is a kind act and should be accepted as such. And by the way, Happy Chanukah to all the Jewish FMLers!

32 - Who? Uh, a lot of people. I learned the hard way; I worked in retail for three years. When I started was before they first changed the rules about the seasonal greetings. At my second-to-last job, we had to say season's greetings instead of happy holidays.

oh yeah cuz other religions and their holidays aren't.. in Canada people have forgotten about Christmas and Christian holidays cuz of all the Muslims around.. it's a Christian country, it's they're choice to come here, they can **** off if they don't like it. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Yee! thats right .. u heard the man! =P Oi! gimme a shout.. I'm a Calgary Byrd .. lol look up kat Hibler on Fb :P

69 - Yes, you are for the most part referring to Christmas, but by saying Happy Holidays you're also considering the fact that others aren't always going to share the same views as you. Hannukah happens to be a part of the Christmas holiday season; I'm not sure about any other Jewish holidays offhand. I believe there's a non-Christian religious holiday on January 6th (?), which is right before the kids go back to school, thus it's still the holiday season. 60 - Canada has forgotten about Christmas because of all the Muslims around? Hello, no, we haven't. Please tell me you're not Canadian. If you are, please take the time to look around you; how many stores are playing "Christmas(!) Carols"? How many stores have statues of Santa Claus and elves running around stores? I realize that none of these are Christian-related images of Christmas, but they are all Christmas related. If you're trying to say Canada's a Christian country, you're wrong. It isn't, and never was, since there was always a variety of religions roaming the country. There are more of certain religions in Canada now, I suppose, but that doesn't mean a) it's because all the Muslims, or any other religion for that matter, moved here (hey, people convert...) and b) they weren't here at all before.

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#74, If you're going to slaughter a language, speak Spanish. Trying to read what you just typed was not only an inconvenience, it defeated the whole purpose of typing in such a way; to get your point across using less effort.

WWE - let me reiterate her comment for you: "Hi. I want to seem cool so add me to facebook... I know you won't but I'm totally gonna make it look like you did, because I'm so hot and so popular and everybody loves me! :D:D"

60/69: There are no words. I am so siccing Kay on your asses.

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who cares about retail. and they only changed it to happy holidays to hijack Christmas and make money off it! The real meaning for chirstmas is Gods birth if your catholic.

And for those who aren't Catholic, it's the time created to spend time with families and give gifts. Sure, it may very well be purely based on money-making, but it works well.

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haha your all so dumb. yourr argueing anout littls stuffs like that haha

We're dumb, yet we can spell and string sentences together properly. Good observation.

stfuscrub420 0

oh i made some litle spelling mistakes big deal your just being mad

Fortuitous 0

He left his brain on another planet. Don't bother with him.

Error! Error! Does not compute! I* little* you're* Among other things... I'm having way too much fun with this. I love hypocrites, fortuitous, don't you?

not just if your catholic .. im lutheran and i celebrate christmas as god's birth ...

Draminicaus 0

Getting angry over someone saying "Happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" is like someone getting angry because I called them "human" instead of "American." It's a generalized statement made to accommodate every holiday celebrated in the winter. Why is everyone getting so pissed off about it?

whatyotalkinbout 0

"happy holidays" can suck it. I'm atheist and I celebrate Christmas as a time for family gathering and presents. if you find the term "Christmas" offensive then you should have picked another country to live in.

Draminicaus 0

It's not the word that's offending people. If anything, the word "holiday" is offending the people that say "Christmas." How would you feel if you moved to another country and wanted to keep Christmas active in your life, but every time you mentioned it to someone else, they sneered in your face and told you that you shouldn't talk about Christmas? Would you quit celebrating it? would you stop mentioning it? If so, you're going against what you're saying. If not, then you're going against what you're believing. Christmas is supposed to be about the birth of Jesus and goodwill toward mankind, no matter their religion.

I'm pretty sure you mean jesus's birth.

Christmas is so secularized now, anyone who doesn't believe in anything always has Christmas, don't see them celebrating Hannuka or anything else, always Christmas. For most people its not to do with Jesus at all, just about Santa and presents

Christmas originally started out as the celebration of Jesus' birth. Who, by the way, was not born on that day. Some people choose to maintain their values and celebrate Christmas in this way. Others see it simply as a time of togetherness and possibly a time to exchange gives. Many times, feasts are involved. Finally, since Christmas didn't start out as a commercialized gift-giving holiday (think Easter), yet now it is, people can celebrate it however they want. It's just respectful to say Happy Holidays over anything else because there's no way to predict what religion the person will follow. I realize it's a pain in the ass to always have to say Happy Holidays, but suck it up. It's the way things are in the workplace now. If you're not working and choose to ignore this, and say Merry Christmas, whatever. Say it. But don't go looking for sympathy from anyone when people get mad at you for saying so. Hopefully this clears shit up for everyone. Any questions?

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Say Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh, (Spelling?) or whatever you celebrate. None of them offend me.

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thts her problem for being like tht u did right.!