By kahemae44 - United States
Today, I visited my boyfriend's house excited about the romantic night he promised me. As time passed, we started making out and heading up to his room. Rose petals and candles filled his room. "How romantic", I thought. That is, until we saw his 5 year old sister blowing up condom balloons. FML
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  Penetration  |  0

What if the condom broke?
Erm- I mean....
Look, she's blowing up condom balloons!
Maybe she was trying to help them out by inflating them? Probably didn't know that's not how they work.


#10: Uhm I don't think anyone has a right to say something like that..... Its not your decision or your consequences, so what would it matter to you that teenagers are living in the moment? You don't even know her situation. Me and my boyfriend have been together all through out high school had sex and everything and never once broke up once.
p.s. If you have a child its natural to be worried for them... But leave the rest of the world alone. God Damn.

  perdix  |  29

Yep. Houston.

Texas is the second most populous of the United States, and while we do have smart people here, it seems that we have more than our fair share of stupid ones. Bless their hearts.

I think another factor that skews the stats to make Texas overrepresented in FML's is that Texans tend to be more open than most other Americans and they might be more willing to share their stupid-ass fuck-ups rather than try to hide them.

It's a fun place to live.