By NeedALittleRoomToBreathe
Today, after having set up a date with a wonderful guy who seems to really like me, I caught a cold. I have also lost most of my voice because of it, so I now sound like an angry, deranged goose when I talk. This will be the first time he meets me in person. So much for a good first impression. FML
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By  cacheson  |  41

It sounds like you should rest your voice anyway. Either reschedule or just don't talk when you meet. You can do that whole writing a note to talk thing, I'm sure that will be better for the meeting and for your voice.

By  Druu  |  53

Two options: (1) explain the situation and ask to postpone the date; (2) explain the situation and go on the date anyway. In the latter, you can either speak or be all cutesy with a whiteboard.