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Today, my dad decided I was too hairy and taught me to shave. This would be a great bonding experience if I weren't a girl. FML
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It could still be a great bonding experience! As a side note, have you considered waxing or bleaching?


fpants2010 18

It could still be a great bonding experience! As a side note, have you considered waxing or bleaching?

awildwhisper 30

I don't understand why women are told and taught to shave. Hair on legs is bad but its fine on arms? OP can do what she wants and she shouldn't feel she needs to shave.

I was gonna say, has she considered just leaving it? Since it obviously wasn't bothering her until her dad pointed it out, why should it now?

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Why is hair on legs bad, #15? It's the persons own choice what they want to shave, and not shaving is not bad. All hair that grows on a body is meant to be there, but you can choose to shave it.

awildwhisper 30

43 I didn't say that I think hair on legs is bad. I meant society and media say it is.

On the bright side Amanda Palmer would be proud.

And teach her to rock her map of Tasmania!

Better than walking around with facial hair.

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#9, everyone. Unless you're a swimmer or do another sport that requires it, it's very weird for a guy to shave their legs.

I'm going to get down voted to all hell for this, but why exactly is it so weird? Social norms? I don't really think it's all too weird myself, just different.

Sounds pretty clear that OP is talking about upper lip.

Well OP, hopefully it didn't get too awkward...

Hopefully not facial hair..if you have that you should wax it. I think it's nice of your dad though if he was doing it not to be a jerk and to actually be helpful

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Hot wax on the face is not advisable in the long run. Threading is a great solution, most asian beauty parlours can do it & it hurts less than waxing.

Take it in stride. If you dont like to shave then just be yourself.

Well, at least he's trying to help but if you don't want to shave, that's completely okay too :)

theres this lady who owns the gas station across the street from where i work, she has the second most impresive mustach iv ever seen. shes proud of it too, trims and grooms it. what im trying to say is, just do what makes you happy OP. it doesnt matter what anybody elses says or thinks

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I had my 3yo daughter in the pizza place when an older lady came in with a killer goatee. My daughter was pointing and trying to ask why the lady had a beard, and I'm hissing at her, "Zip it, it's not polite to point, I'll tell you in the car!" I thought maybe she was on hormone therapy or something, I've heard facial hair can happen.

Somewhere, two freak carnivals are missing their bearded lady attractions.

@10 had absolutely nothing to do with the post but man that story was funny as hell xD Though really if she let him teach her how to shave she has no problem not being hairy,

On the bright side at least he's looking out for you OP.