By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Dunfermline
Today, I ate some amazing homemade brownies that my best friend's wife made for us. She waited till I'd shoved a third one into my mouth before she mentioned she made them with breast milk. Knowing her, I don't even doubt it was true. FML
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  Welshite  |  39

Eh, while I wouldn't voluntarily eat a brownie made with breast milk, I don't think I'd throw up. It's cooked, and I wouldn't doubt it's cleaner than the original milk found in stores before it's pasteurized.

  Exhaling  |  12

I understand what you mean, but the fact that she's not even blood related makes it kind of more disgusting. I don't know if it would make it any better if she was your mom or something, but it seems even more strange because of her role


Breast milk is really sweet and a whole lot better then anything you buy in a store. Although, I could see being weirded out because you never know what could be in her milk. I'm not sure what can be passed through breast milk, but I know it has to be screened in order to be used in a milk bank. So that would bother me-_-


#95 has a point. Besides the obvious ick factor, I'd be concerned about what was passed through the milk, too. Any illnesses or medications the woman may have been taking could have been passed along to OP. If she's producing milk, I assume she's recently had a baby, and I'd hope she's being healthy for the baby's sake, but you never know! I don't see the problem in making the brownies that way (to each their own), but she definitely should have given everyone a heads up before they were consumed.

  rc89  |  9

I don't see a problem at all you wouldnt tell some one that you had put cows milk in the brownies and breast milk is a hell of a lot healthier I dont see why everyone get so repulsed by breast milk its natural has all the nutrients you need if you drink cows milk that's just breast milk perfectly designed for cattle

  grunt_fml  |  17

Sure, breast milk surely is more nutritious than milk from a cow. I also think it is highly unlikely that this way any diseases will be passed.

But that is completely not the point. The point is that this woman made brownies with an ingredient she knew her guests will find... unpleasant. It simply does not matter how harmless said incredient actually is, she used it with the only purpose to disgust people and that is what matters here.

  doodlecloud  |  26

Well she should've mentioned it as she must know that it could upset people. Why on earth do you think she used it solely to disgust OP though? Maybe they ran out of milk or they just usually use it?

  Coland  |  19

I'm not sure why people are grossed out drinking human breast milk that was made for humans but we aren't freaked out drinking cow breast milk

  JennaNGood  |  21

It's not like OP tasted it (obviously not after his third) and breast milk is so nutritious, hence why babies survive on milk and only milk for their first six months of life.

  bfsd42  |  20

He is actually partly right. Milk can be a cause of acne according to studies, but not in all people. But even though he was kinda right, he's still an idiot and won't be missed.

By  Smartdumbblonde  |  27

Breast milk isn't bad for you, it's safe for adults to drink, but not exactly suggested. The thought of it may be gross, but if they were good and you're not sick, there is no harm. It was just a joke, and it's not like you're going to die from it.

  Yupsies  |  9

You know that milk is cow milk? People also consume goat milk. Do you see anyone freaking out about it, besides you? And if there's one thing a human could solely survive off of, it would be human breast milk.

  SRNH  |  3

Although most mammals (and humans) are not adapted to digest milk properly after childhood, certain populations (northern european) are adapted to be able to digest milk properly throughout their adult life. Thus, it would not be at all incorrect to say those populations have, in fact, evolved to drink milk from other mammals, and it is not at all abnormal.