By muffin - 16/07/2013 12:01 - Austria

Today, I baked strawberry muffins for my family, putting half a strawberry on each of them. Only when it was too late did I realize that they looked like extremely creepy breasts. FML
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Cover them with a strawberry frosting! No one will even notice!!!

kotana191 8

Who cares? Whoever makes fun of them doesn't get a muffin.


Cover them with a strawberry frosting! No one will even notice!!!

But they are cupcakes. Who gives an eff what they look like... They're cupcakes!

perdix 29

#1, yeah, baby, yeah, let's cover those tits with frosting! What should I do with that frosting? Do you want me to lick it? . . .

Wizardo 33

Exactly, glaze those puppies and see where it goes...

Nothing better than whipped cream covered muffins ;)

#18, whoops! Still.. Muffins though :D

9's picture might have thrown you off. Yum!

It's the thought that counts.

Damian95 16

#44 in most cases those are the best kind!

I read "extremely creepy beasts"...o.o

Talientary 8

Good, now attempt the rest.

That's what it says...

Damn...I mean I second glanced it and saw it said breasts...but quick glance looked like beasts. Tough community.

I'm having a hard time picturing this, tv killed my imagination. But I can picture nice boobies :D

IworkAt711 14

If you want to see creepy breasts then look up the pornstar kat kleevage.......

kotana191 8

Who cares? Whoever makes fun of them doesn't get a muffin.

Unless you chose to cut the strawberries half way between the top and bottom rather than sideways, I can't really imagine how they could look like breasts.

Living up to your name, I see.

rokolodo 10

I can, then again it was exactly 758 years ago I saw real breasts.

perdix 29

I guess placed one way they look like creepy breasts with millions of nipples. The good news is that if you had flipped the strawberries, they'd look like extremely creepy vaginas.

Creepy breasts? As in droopy boobs with nipples pointing South? I can't share your comparison otherwise...hard to visualize. O_o

JustStella 28

Very... I am having trouble coming up with this image.

I'm thinking she cut the tops off of the strawberries and then put the bottom part on the muffins with the flat side facing down so they looked like really poky nipples.

#62, I see your point. I can see how it's possible now. OP-If they look so much like boobs, maybe this wasn't all in vain. Most of the guys that entered comments previously didn't seem to look down on this idea. You could always do these muffins for a bachelor party. ^^

helpfulwhale 12

Well, at least it will make for interesting table conversation.

Muffins are quite small aren't they? I can't imagine them looking like creepy breasts. If they were that creepy they probably wouldn't look like breasts. Maybe its just you thinking so, so your mind is set on that.

nnnope 26


Muffins can be big

RedPillSucks 31

They don't have to be life size. Sheesh. Use some imagination.