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By badsister - 10/01/2010 15:37 - United States

Today, I made a batch of "special" brownies for a party I was going to tonight. I wrapped them up and put them on the counter with a note that said DO NOT EAT. Later on I came home from some errands to find a tray of half eaten brownies and my ten year-old sister passed out on the couch. FML
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Mitz_fml 4

You did that with a 10 year old in the house? What a moron!

Brace yourself for millions of ignorant commenters wondering what "special" brownies signify.


Brace yourself for millions of ignorant commenters wondering what "special" brownies signify.

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You can't overdose on Marijuana idiot. But I agree that OP is a fag for letting those things on the counter when there's kids in the house.

#4 you idiot you can't die from the "special" ingredient in the brownies, OP FYL for having a sister who can't follow instructions on a label.

PinkFloyd1977 0

#4 Proved #1's point about not knowing what special brownies are. Haha. Moron.

yea dood, its attempted murder when someone eats something harmful to them that was labelled "dont eat this". well reasoned.

iKaite is a retard who obviously doesn't know what they're talking about. Lmao.

In my opinin, it's still YDI for the OP for not having the common sense to know that younger siblings have never been known to follow orders when it comes to treats like brownies. :-/

Leaving magic brownies at a place a 10 year old can reach.. Good luck having children of your own.

Gabby125 0

wow youre the idiot. no one has ever died from weed.

bittersweets 2

You may not die from "special" brownies, but they can still cause bad side effects. YDI and FHL. If you live together with children, hide your drugs! As if a sign would keep a 10 year old from eating chocolate...

ever hear of not leaving them on the counter and maybe idk hiding them away in yur fucking room? dipshit, never seen anyone quite that stupid before

npk88 0

No..mostly just comments talking about how much of a moronic person she is. Which is pretty true.

OmtheNomNom 0

haha nice.

the brownies didn't have heroin they had pot in them...

Attempted muder?? ahahahahahaha. good luck killing someone with pot... Lighten up. Pot isn't even that bad. I don't smoke pot myself, but I would rather have a close friend 'addicted' to pot than be dependent on alcohol... So much worse.

inconvienentgurl 0

Agreed w/ #83 YDI O.P. for being stupid enough to leave them when you really should of hidden them and not just put up a sign...alot of younger siblings dont care and find the "rush" of doing something bad and sneaking sweets exciting. Clearly if your sister did this then it wasnt the first time she's done something around those lines...You just put "special" brownies right into your sisters lap.

Entity4Infinity 0

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Obviously if you think that smoking pot makes people see "pretty things" you either have never done it, or believe you have but should know that it definitely was NOT pot. I am going to go with YDI though. I am not against pot or special brownies, in fact I like both, but it was completely irresponsible to do it in your home where there was a young child living (especially since you then left them unattended!). This, like everything else, should be done responsibly. It's dumb asses like the OP that give people the wrong idea about pot and those who smoke it.

pendatic, hahahahahahaahahaahahah that is one of THE funniest comments i've seen all day! lmfao

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r0ck5t4r 3

...a lot more people put pot in their brownies than alcohol

GreenBud_fml 0

Umm... you won't die from the ingredients. The 'special' ingredient/s is mainly hash and shakes.. so the worst that can happen is being passed out for a few days.

MiGman 5

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nateb1tch 1

pot isnt bad at all for you. better then alchohol and cigs. and where else would she make brownies? at a friends house where they most likely have parents too?

that was to #338******

that's what you get for making special brownies OP drugs r bad mmkay?

alchohol in brownies? WTF weed in brownies is way more popular

Drummerboy1234 0

uhh someone is a dumbfuck. OP didn't attempt to murder anyone. OP made them for herself/himself. if your going to call it attempted murder, why not call it attempted suicide?

...this FML is fucking hilarious xD

i think most of you guys don't know 10 year olds... my cousin is 10 and he'd not eat something that said "no not eat" on it. He might go and find out why not, and ask for some anyway, but still.

Your idiot sister ought to be slapped for either not knowing how to read or having no respect.

Hide yo brownies hide yo mettywauna and hide yo sister because Everyone is gettin high around here!

gabby... your idiotic was the epitome of hilarity and nothing less than pure proof of your deep and bare stupidity. so many people have died from weed or it's side effects it's only funny to scum like you

kurquizu 3

isnt ur cousin just that awesome

Seriously, #249? You have to be 'responsible' about how you do your drugsSiDling drugs is probably one of the most irresponsible things you could ever do. Can't believe what I read from you.

lmao at #249 with the cowboy hat on XD thinks he knows bout stuff... can't take him serious lol

dorkychick 0

366 stfu...just because pot isnt legal to smoke doesnt make it bad...alcohol is way more addicting then pot...its worse for your health and causes a crap load of deaths world wide....alcohol alters your state of mine...motor skills...ect...weed makes you a little bit happy...so wich ones worse?? so if they make burping in public illegal are you gonna go all hitler and look down on someone for doin it?? ur an idiot

@377 uh yeah except burping doesnt have any negative effects (unless it smells bad) so thats never gonna happen

nollid7 5

#14 is right, that's nowhere near attempted murder, all the OP's sister will be is rested. Some Kidd just need to learn how to READ!!!

You can't put heroin in brownies dipshit, they're called "pot brownies" do you know what pot is?

Whats special browns like with sprinkles on them?

It's not heroin. It's weed

FMLusername969 21

Really.... do the world a favor and don't have any kids.

I laughed way too hard at "attempted murder"

Well, I guess your sister learned her lesson, huh? :P

Thumbs up for future doper sister lazing around the house in her 20s, still living with the rents.

yeah I agree haha. obviously stupidity runs in your family op.

sbarrios 0


Mitz_fml 4

You did that with a 10 year old in the house? What a moron!

xGet_Over_It 0

OP, what you did is stupid. It's like leaving an obese person in a room with a bucket of fried chicken and a note that says "This is not food."

I had thought that the brownies had extra chocolate or M&Ms in them until I read the comments. OP; YDI for being so irresponsible and putting it in there in the first place. ._. 'Specially with brownies. No one can pass those up.

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Oh yeah, and they also bake stuff with drugs in them sometimes and leave it out in the open without a warning sign. Do I eat it? Fuck not. The girl's an idiot.

v1kt4r 13

Ha ha, classic

KibaSama 0


Yarrachel 16

YDI for not going to White Castle

evangldbrg 0


And you have a doctor who display picture. Well done my friend. Well done.

Wow. Note for you...don't bake special brownies when your sister is going to be home. Fail

I suggest barbed wire next time.

davina_fml 0

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Are you on special brownies?

No, I think she's just special

Connkidd 0

on the fuckin counter when u have a little girl living there? YDI

iamgoofymovie 0

u shoulda hid em in ur room or somethin

Yeah that was pretty dumb, although I will say, the kid wasn't 5. It's not like she couldn't read what it said.