By Nell - 30/06/2011 21:10 - United States

Today, as I was going to bed, I spotted a man staring at my window from a neighbor's yard. Ten minutes later, he was still there. I freaked out, started crying, and contemplated calling the cops. My creeper turned out to be the neighbor's wooden lawn ornament. FML
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iluvevil01 11

you could tell it wasn't real when it didn't move?

Beebow_fml 5

Run over there and kick it over.


iluvevil01 11

you could tell it wasn't real when it didn't move?

Those stalkers man, they gotta be silent and unmoving or else they'll get caught.

she is the blondest person I know now

IndiRae 9

She prolly thought that the creep was just staring at her and watching, therefore she was freaked out.

iEatGuppies 0

on the bright side, it wasn't a creeper!

johnson94 5

12... you would know what it takes to be a stalker..

wintamint101 7

those damn lawn ornaments!

coffeygirl12 14

haha failllll (:

Good thing you didn't call "him" out on being a creep.

boyguydudemalema 0

And her boyfriend's a life size cut out of duke nukem.

You should be flattered that even inanimate objects feel the need to stalk you! :D You must be really amazing, mind if I stalk you?....(;

AaronTkr 0

wtf ^

KingGeorgeGal 12

That is what I call a fail.

It wouldn't happen to be Gnomeo would it?

Boygenius50 8

YDI because this FML isn't controversial enough for me to troll on. We all pretty much agree that OP is an idiot, correct?

Sanchez1409 6

lol! #105 exactly what i said when i read that comment! xD

Wow #120, why do topics have to be controversial for you to troll on? Don't tell me your intellect lacked the art of trolling.

katieklein 0

You really would think the OP would notice!-___-

Boygenius50 8

129: Well of course I can still troll, but it's much more fun when I manage to get people fired up over controversial topics! that's how I entertain myself while trolling.

If you can't entertain yourself by regular trolling, then you fail as a troll-er.

Get curtains? Or ask your neighbor to please move it or take it down. Or burn it [=

guys u got it all wrong, it WAS a stalker, once she called the police he moved and put a lawn ornament there, so now he can stare at her all day without her freaking out

yummycupkake 0


The inanimate stalkers are always the worst. They don't blink or move. And some look too real.

oooooo girls :) jkjk i get creeped out all the time...

Or it was a real person and they were to disgusted with what they saw that they couldn't move

It always could have been a man in a gnome outfit...a now revolutionary way to stalk people =0

hahaha that's a huge fail!

whybother8 0

nooo its an ultra fail

JoeyPterodactyl 0

"fail" is stupid and cliche anymore.

grammar is not anymore

whybother8 0

grammar is for school.. this is FML. so idc bout no gramma son! lol

"Fail" was a very popular saying for about a month. Now it's jist gettin" old.

however 59 it still describes your comment

I usually don't care about grammar mistakes. I only care about them when I don't understand what it is you're trying to say . . . ribbit

I just love the inevitable comments that add nothing. Example: "haha faillllll lol"

hey, those can be creepy sometimes!

You never know, there could be a hidden camera inside the gnome recording you through your window. Creeeepy.

it's real alright. I caught one stabbing my neighbors dog so I shot it with my M240. go big or go home right?

beef your picture made me lol so hard I shit out a brick.

then don't eat bricks

Beebow_fml 5

Run over there and kick it over.

Then be like "suck it, oh wait, you can't cause your just a pervy lawn ornament."

Are you the real whiteboy?

No he's not he's just a fanboy.

couldn't have said it any better myself(;

renaee 13

I'm the real slim shady.

No you're a retarded bull frog

Stupid ugly blind emotional bitches.


haha, it was a wooden version of Ted Bundy, take pride of that, my friend.

LunaNstars 0

hey! that's my picture.

ohrlynao 0

What an insightful comment. Thank you for sharing such unique information with us all.

wow few hrs and still 1:1 ... anyways agree with #1

I don't blame you... lawn ornaments are pretty creepy

tsim_fml 0

i spy rapist lawn guy

you suck at life.

actually sir, YOU suck at life, for being a Yankees fan

YOU suck at life. GTFO.

stuner56 22

no YOU suck at life

IndiRae 9

Do not be ashamed, I started crying over a Santa Claus one time when is was like 14. Shit's scary.

Yeah, Chuck E. Cheese scared the crap out of me when I was like 5 or 6. I screamed my head off when I saw him XD

ya lol I remember wen i was little I was on top of the playground because I was scared of chukie cheese. lol

ya lol I remember wen i was little I was on top of the playground because I was scared of chukie cheese. lol

ya lol I remember wen i was little I was on top of the playground because I was scared of chukie cheese. lol

You fail buddy I feel bad 4 u. :(