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Today, I started to come to during dental surgery. I clearly heard someone behind me say "Shit! Get this fucker back under!" then another person mentioning they'd have to kill me to avoid "another lawsuit", followed by laughter and the blackness of sleep. FML
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Switch dentists, and never go back. That's really creepy...

If they're worried about a lawsuit, they probably don't have insurance. What kind of dentist are you going to anyway?


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how can he run if he's sedated..? (again.)

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Haha everyone's freaking but that dental surgeon sounds hilarious. He obviously didn't realize the patient was awake enough to hear him.

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Initially I missed the "come to" and just read it as "come during dental surgery." For a second there I thought OP spontaneously orgasmed, which caused him to wake up...

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58- well, I'm glad I wasn't the only one! Lol

I don't think I've seen any user as consistently down voted as jrock.

I was pretty sure that OP said "come", not "come to", that alone dropped the ask time greatness of this FML, but this is still pretty awesome

I too thought it said come, not come to. Otherwise, that'd be one awkward fetish

lol #73 you haven't been on this site long enough then :P

I Hart jrock and the down voted comments. LOL #Hart your an harry tråwler eat burnt kelloggs flakes. That a side - jrock you are a lovely consistency in my every day life. Thank you for being you.

Hiya fellas! All aboard the Thought-It-Was-Come-Train!!!

same here, 58! definitely read "come" instead of "come to."

This sounds like a little dentist surgery joke. You should be okay!

Great comment. Seriously, I don't see why so many people are making a big thing out of this. This is a FML comment, and obviously, the doctors were kidding.

@73, be glad this is not a Yahoo comment. I have seen some posts with the best of intentions receive over a thousand dislikes, and I am quite sure there has been much worse number of dislikes on FML. Personally, I do not see anything wrong with Jrock's comment, so he thinks it is funny, big deal, let him have his fun. It might not have been funny to the person who posted this FML, but come on, you must admit, it does seem pretty hilarious, and I am quite sure the doctors were just joking. I have been to enough doctors and dentists to know what I am talking about, and NONE seemed like the kind to joke about death, at least not in front of their patient, or be insensitive enough to the patient, at least not enough to call them a f*er. @19, dude, that's just low.

Switch dentists, and never go back. That's really creepy...

I really hope OP is exaggerating. D:

AnOriginalName 19

Eh. Surgeons are people too. They're allowed to joke and cuss when something stressful happens.

No. Surgeons are evil, bloodthirsty ***** who want only to cut people and have luckily found an outlet to do so legally. Wait...what?

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I think that is actually pretty unprofessional. No wonder they have lawsuits!

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#25 although they are allowed to joke around, what they said was extremely unprofessional & they probably just lost a customer.

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Clearly they were joking, but that is creepy as hell to say when you notice someone coming to. I wouldn't have taken it well either OP.

Probably not a dentist, but an oral surgeon.

I don't really think its creepy. I've had surgeons joke with me. Etc they probably just wanted to mess with OP and were not serious at all. Not everything has to be super serious. Lighten up a little

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Honestly I like the surgeon's sense of humor.

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#41 probably gained another lawsuit to boot lol

I get that they're joking, and, under normal circumstances, that's totally fine. This situation, however, combine two of the scariest things (at least for me): dental work and waking up during surgery

If they're worried about a lawsuit, they probably don't have insurance. What kind of dentist are you going to anyway?

Its funny cause your profile picture is of Obama and your first thought was insurance

AnOriginalName 19

Because if someone sues them, their insurance premiums go through the roof and the practice could end up going out of business because of that.

Hey you're the guy whose coworkers caught him at McDonald's. Your picture helps me understand why you don't have many friends and had to make them up.

Why is it that whenever I comment Obama ends up getting so much hate? Do so many Americans really dislike him that much?

I was just joking, not a good joke, but I didn't mean anything by it. I do believe if you comment with a well known political figure as your profile picture, you're going to get some back lash or comments related to anything controversial that they've done.

I was wondering that when I read it as: 'I started to come during dental surgery.' I'm not sure which scenario is worse.

I almost died when I read that. I thought the dentists were doing something nasty while he was sleeping. :o

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Well, OP is posting this from Canada...but this dentist does not sound very nice!

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Even with insurance I am sure they are worried about law suits. Those tend to make your premiums go up. They also take up a lot of time.

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OP should switch dentists but you can't deny that that is just hilarious

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It's a Canadian dentist. It's government subsidized, so I can assume that the same thing will happen in America soon.

actually dentistry is not govt subsidised except if ur on disability (in BC anyway). and even then its $2000 every 3 years. otherwise its private health insurance for you!

Shit. Well at least you didn't die? And that might not have really happened, the gas makes you confused.

this is a movie! everyone's telling you you were just imagining it because of the gas, but you know what happened, you know you didn't imagine it! next comment add on!

I wasnt going to say the last part, but I honestly knew I'd get thumbed down, and wanted to see if I was right. and noe I get thumbed down again

There's actually a movie that's relatively similar to this, only the patient was going in for heart surgery. I know, that's not even close to being the same as getting a tooth pulled, but I mean in terms of the anesthesia and waking up before he's supposed to. His conscious then leaves his body and discovers that the doctors are actually trying to kill him because his new wife is in on it with them, and he's some super rich kid and she wants his money. It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but it wasn't the worst. I think it's called "Awake."

And now I go hide in a corner and accept my defeat, good day, and good night!

Like a wise man once said: "But did you die?" Got to love Hangover.

there was also one where a dentist would fondle his female patients while they were under. it wasn't a porno I swear! these investigators had to gather evidence and lock him up.

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Um run...and probably find a new dentist

If I was in their shoes and I would do this people are way to serious... And can't take a joke...

k_lylepad 19

I think it's time for a new dentist.

I don't think it was a dentist. Dentists normally don't perform surgery. It was most likely an oral surgeon.

That's when you tear the gas mask off your face and shout "I'M NOT DEAD YET!" while bloody drool drips out of your numbed mouth.

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I wish I could thumb this up about 15 more times.

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Lol it's nice that your doctors have a sense of humor... most of em don't even smile

Ironic considering they work on teeth.

Unfortunately, dentists are more prone to suicide than any other profession :(.

Totally agreed, this seems like one of the ****** up nightmares I have

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