By why me?? - 07/08/2013 04:21 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, I was leaving my friends' apartment in my mom's car and I backed into a fire hydrant. I lied and told my mom it was a hit and run. So she called the apartment complex. They had me on video hitting the fire hydrant. FML
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Next time come clean... It's not like you did it on purpose...

Well technically, it was a hit and run...Only OP hit the fire hydrant and ran. I know that it's a stretch, but think about it.

caohm 18

it's dangerous being that stupid

Haha wow that blows! I can't stop laughing! Sucks for you OP, should have just been honest. Accidents do happen!

CookieLovesBoo 16

Never lie to the mother - she has eyes in the back of her head , and knowledge .

Or they just had proof on a video. ._.

moms ALWAYS find out! I've learned that lesson...

I have to lie to my mother as she can't handle truth. In fact, I lie so much to her it's damn near a language. That and she often lies to me so I see where I get it from.

But in situations like this OP should have been honest.

At least you've got your dignity...oh wait.

Soniye 14

It's all fun and games till you lie to your mom and get caught.

alshygirl 14

Technically it was a hit and run. Except YOU did the hitting and the running

Dangit I knew someone would beat me to it.

nattynatters 14

You totally deserve it. Lying is not cool and will only make you look bad. Now your mom will never trust you.

that's a bit extreme. you have to do more than lie once to completely kill your parents trust in you. trust me, I've done it.

I hope someone arrests you and put you away for a long long time.

Soniye 14

Must be a crime to hit a fire hydrant wherever you live. Didn't know it was worth a life sentence *shockingly gasps*

Distruction of public property if tjere was damage to the hydrant. That is a crime. Everywhere.

Yes but you're likely to get a ticket. Not go to jail for a long long time