That hurts, BTW

By phillij2 - 09/07/2011 00:03 - United States

Today, I got surgery on one of my hands. I opted for a local anesthetic instead of being put all the way under. I soon discovered my hand hadn't gone completely numb when the doctor started slicing into the finger that needed operating on. FML
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bengermin 5

ALWAYS go for the big drugs.

Ouch. When I had my surgery on my hand, they gave me too much anesthetic, I passed out for like six hours man.


Evii_fml 5

=0 That's gotta hurt, i'm sorry OP

doctor_awesome 8
flockz 19

could be worse.., could of been your dick...

TheRealHouse 7
TheRealHouse 7

Your mom?....... I was gonna tell my vegitable joke but it's too corny..... maybe I should go to bed now

smith2001 5

hope it wasn't his dolphin hand...

Anyone seen the movie 'Awake'? I'm never gonna be put to sleep again, f*cking stupid movie!

Bree12345 15

haha @90 I've then that movie.

Well did you at least get to hear the doctors talk about you?

smith2001 5

FYL OP, now you cant use your fap hand

bengermin 5

ALWAYS go for the big drugs.

yeah agreed... my dad woke up during his hip reconstruction because they didnt give him enough. FML

Oh noooo!!!!! That's his masturbation hand!!!! Oh the horror!!!

my father woke up during the removal of a herniated disk in his back

krista2009 0

66 that's gotta hurt like a bitch. I would hate to wake up during something like that.

I got local anesthetic on my scalp end. getting a chat removed. its like he only numbed parts he wasn't working on. it was really painful.

tweetbaby14 18

they normally don't fully knock you out if they do work on your head for the fear you won't wake up....

Ok, now Im terrified of dying by too much anesthesia OR waking up in the middle of surgery. THANKS A LOT EVERYONE.

you_failed 15

Ahh maan! That sounds ******* painful! FYL OP! :|

Ouch. When I had my surgery on my hand, they gave me too much anesthetic, I passed out for like six hours man.

iJasper 8

when I woke, I couldn't even stand man. By hospital policy they took me out by wheelchair and when I got into the sunlight I couldn't open my eyes.

Daaang, that's craaazy. FYL and OP's:(

yah but it's better than waking up part way through

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OP, this would be the time when you would scream HELL NO! And run out.

"me and my bleeding hand are outta here!"

Might want to pull the iv out of your arm, and bandage the hand, then you could run. Bur sounds like a dumb idea to me.

But* surprised nobody called me out on that. You grammar nazis are slacking.

Just walk it off. Well, that's what granddad always told me. Especially that time he dropped concrete blocks onto my foot. That really hurt some. I can remember it like it was just yesterday... I'm sorry, what was I talking about?

TheRealHouse 7

No.. anal excretions.. specificly from bullvine


I'm pretty sure it was from rodents not bullvine, but fine...

oh man! should have gone all the way! :(

ouch OP. that'll bring you back to reality real quick. nice case of nip/tuck