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  Today, I was in the car with my 16 year old daughter. There was a guy on a fast looking motorcycle next to me at the stop light. I yelled to him to "get it up!" so that he would do a wheelie. Just before the light turned green he yelled back, "You're too old for me, but I'll get it up for her!" FML
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  o0XMzMayX0o  |  0

hahaha #11 that's wat u get Hun!

OP- maybe choosing a better set of words would of helped. Probably the guy knew wat u said and he was just being funny? so dnt b hard on ur self.

  sammy22  |  0

who cares, you know what she means donkey! second, you should know guys would say that- they are all always trying to get something, anything.

  wopchop12  |  8

By the way you idiotic fuck. It's spelled " you're" not "Your'e". I'm an immigrant and I still know more than your uneducated dumb ass

  kei1108  |  13

People should know that it is against the rules to say that someone's FML isn't worthy; especially when it's just based on your personal opinion.

By  lucifer69_fml  |  0

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