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Today, I was in the car with my 16 year old daughter. There was a guy on a fast looking motorcycle next to me at the stop light. I yelled to him to "get it up!" so that he would do a wheelie. Just before the light turned green he yelled back, "You're too old for me, but I'll get it up for her!" FML
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lol, that is funny!

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lol, that is funny!

Don't you mean YOUR'E!!!!!!!!! learn english dumbass

is this real life? or just fantasy?

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that is so weird.......? I'm still wondering why the OP would even say that!

must...resist.... singing..... bohemion.... rhapsody....... ARGHHHH!!!!!

@ #11 Don't you mean YOU'RE!!!!!!!!! learn english dumbass **note to dumbass: Before insulting others, please review your own comment**

you're is correct. not your'e

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hahaha #11 that's wat u get Hun! OP- maybe choosing a better set of words would of helped. Probably the guy knew wat u said and he was just being funny? so dnt b hard on ur self.

hahahaha in your ugly arse face #11 that'll teach you for being such a fucking Nazi! you smelly little rat!

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Yeah, "get it up" isn't used that way anymore. Get with the times.

and you still spelt YOU'RE wrong dumbass

Bohemian Rhapsody troll is annoying. Please learn the freaking lyrics already.

#11 YOU'RE a freaking idiot. learn to spell yourself dumbass.'s definitely YOU'RE. learn your grammar. lol

I just love how you tried to correct someone else and you ended up looking like the dumbass! :)

yeah i deserved that

Don't you mean you're? haha

that's a fail dude. you spelled you're wrong

who cares, you know what she means donkey! second, you should know guys would say that- they are all always trying to get something, anything.

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Wow 11, you're a moron correcting someone on grammar and you forgot the r in you're.

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Why don't you learn it first? your comment was a question, So I think it should include a question mark. It goes at the end BTW.

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your wrong too. it's "you're"

it's actually spelled you're. so if you can't spell it, you have no right to call them a dumb ass you dumb ass

#11 it's spelled you're because the apostrophe replaces the A learn English you dumbass

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im just a poor boy i need no sympathy

roflmfaolol at 11

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um it's you're not your'e

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Two things: 1. Damn threadjackers these days *shakes head* 2. 11, don't be such a grammer Nazi. Jeez.

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#11 go to hell

? haha do you want a side of epic with that fail ??? she spelled it right " you're :P

Ha. Smelly rat+your profile picture=win.

By the way you idiotic fuck. It's spelled " you're" not "Your'e". I'm an immigrant and I still know more than your uneducated dumb ass

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sorry dear, that's life. people have to grow old. not an fml.

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i'm pretty sure he didn't care for that. But the FML was about the dude saying he would "get it up" for his daughter.

People should know that it is against the rules to say that someone's FML isn't worthy; especially when it's just based on your personal opinion.

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I'd take you on a date.

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really, ur gay?

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She is Satan what do you expect

definately correct fags!

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this is a joke someone told me before.

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