By Anonymous - 23/02/2011 03:21 - United States

Today, I asked for permission to marry the girl I love. Her father not only said no, he said "HELL no!" FML
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sixfoot2 0

in 2011 we still have to ask parents for permission?

We need permission? What? Where the hell did I put my dang permission slip?!...


In my country it's customary to offer a dowry. If you had asked permission with empty hands you would be beaten with a stick, consider yourself lucky. FML? I think not...

allmine133 0

what country are you from? because it sounds like EVERYTHING you do there you get beat with a stick so WTF?

The sitar he's playing originates from India. :)

FYLDeep 25

If it was India there wouldn't haven't been any asking since it would have already been determined.

bubbarific 0

thts not how arranged marriages, thts just a misconception among westerners, they bride and groom both actually hav to consent to the marriage first

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oh and only the wife brings dowry not groom

what else would you use to beat someone? aluminium bats tend to break when used on people. sticks are free and if you break it, you simply pick up another.

your country sucks. consider your self lucky your not beaten for saying something so damn stupid.

you were doing so well until you had to resort to swearing. anyway op, if the Internet has taught us anything, sleep with her mum to prove you have what it takes and buy the dad his favourite beverage and get him so wasted that he will sign control of everything he owns over to you

Screw this dowry thing, people with a minimum of common sense know that true love doesn't need to be paid

Sinkhole 26

He definitely is exhorting people to **** you, pen. In fact, I think that he's telling people that they need to **** you in order to get a life, but maybe I'm just reading too much into it, or it's just a parapraxis from my part!

basically your argument is "things aren't bad in your situation because things can be worse." this is terrible logic.

I think he's saying to **** the actual comment you made, pen. With all that alluring alliteration, who wouldn't want to? The consensual arranged marriage may be the new custom but the traditional pre-arranged marriage still happens. And, of course, so do love matches that have no arranging at all.

Dowry was used back in the olden days and it is illegal in EVERY country you will be fined heavily if someone finds out people are going dowry in your country

Well u aint marryin him u marryin her so viva las vegas

fthku 13

I don’t know what they have to say, It makes no difference anyway Whatever it is, I’m against it! No matter what it is or who commenced it, I’m against it.

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MrBond007_fml 6

be a man, in my country when you ask a father permission to marry his daughter and he rejects you, you kidnap her and beat her with a stick, oh wait no the beat her with stick is #6's punchline... you just get married after the kidnap part, no stick, unless your into that sort of thing, than maybe just a little stick...

I_R_Genius 3

This ^. I like it better then #6s comment, Sounds like a way better plan of action and I can see it being put to use. Now, let me go kidnap Lingling or Kaysl and marry them.