By Anonymous - 05/04/2011 16:48 - United States

Today, my 3 year old daughter decided to put black nail polish over the webcam lens on my laptop because "It wasn't all black, so I decided to fix it." FML
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*simultaneously* Is it just me or is everyone thinking the sa- woah, that was weird o.o


Dude, wanna do something fun?? Let's make pictures of Mohammed!!!

she can just scratch it off or use nail polish remover .. as if having ur webcam blocked is even that terrible in the first place.

A young freedom fighter, it all starts with " it wasn't all black ".

I'm beginning to wonder if nail polish wouldn't just mess up the lens more because it's alcohol. There are some precautions about cleansing lenses.

I think your daughter is very wise.

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omg thank god she left the screen alone

KarinaLizeth18 5

like 5 said.. nail polish remover.. DERP!

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yeah but certain things you shouldn't put nail polish remover on, a laptop is one of them

^^ Correct. Electronics and nail polish, don't mix. Especially camera lens'.

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lol Omgsh you must be pissed.

I wouldn't be piss but upset and someone deserves a spanking

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I agree with the spanking part haha.

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she's a problem solver, problem solved.

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^ My thoughts as well... I doubt that the thing would get ruined if OP carefully used a Q-tip or something... It's not like OP has to drown the thing in a pool of Nail Polish remover for it to work... >_>

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I was thinking the same thing.

RainbowHeadache 2

Remover can ruin the lens of it. It'll still work, it'll probably just be blurry.


as long as you use an acetone free nail polish remover the lens should be just fine.

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is it just me or is everyone thinking the same thing today...

*simultaneously* Is it just me or is everyone thinking the sa- woah, that was weird o.o

christa953 12

nail polish remover? or would that just make it worse?

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you shouldn't be doing web **** any way!

yeah man that's what went through my head when I read this - ******* are for feeding not for loving

Now you need nail polish remover. 3 years ago you needed an abortion. Life's funny like that.

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its ashame your mother should have had one #13

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your momma should have had one, too.

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Snackbars makes a good impression.

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you're a ******* bitch. that was not amusing at ALL.

#66: "I THINK you're a ******* bitch and I THINK you're not funny at all". I found that rather funny, even if abortion takes out some of my fun time material.

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haha 60, I didn't realize her name was snackbars so I thought you were just being random! :D

chammi 0

I didn't ask for your opinion and I don't need you correcting me either.

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she did but it apparently didnt`t work

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chammi go suck dick and die lovingly, 2010smhill2010

chammi 0

Sorry you must be talking about yourself. I don't suck dick sweetie. thanks for the offer though douche bag.

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And that's why you're still single

Sprocket 5

o man this was a good read lol. and she doesn't need to give ********, she can still ****.

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Yes, closer to four, but not quite four. So three is the magic number :P