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That's just luck.
OP should have pulled over!
If she knew enough ahead of time to aim it into a bag, she should have pulled over.
I went through six months of morning sickness and never once had to puke while I was driving to work. I always pulled over.

OP endangered lives by doing this.
That hole in the bag, OP?
Yeah that hole has a name.
It's called KARMA.

By  Ioannes  |  0

You didn't feel like pulling over or sticking your funky-ass head out the window? In my country you would've been severely beaten with a stick if you threw up in a car, no matter if you own it or not. You put other drivers @ risk also...

  Ioannes  |  0

Being beaten with a stick is true... When you come from a farming country one tool almost everyone carries around is a stick, if you get into a fight or are being punished what's the first thing you'd use? The stick you have in your hand... Make sense now right?