By Charlotte - 28/09/2009 04:03 - United States

Today, I arrived at work at 8, and business was abnormally slow, but we assumed it would pick up. Few hours later, we had not had a single customer. As I walk out of the restaurant, I realize the open sign has been off all day. FML
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Was the cashier out running "those errands"?

Not a single customer?? I bet your restaurant sucks. Usually people will try their luck even if the "open" sign is not on during normal business hour.. And don't you have regular customers??


cucuto89 0

Ya big Dummy!!!

sublime93 0

Aaah Ms. Swan Anyway this fml sounds like an episode of Spongebob

Nah, I don't think the OP is dumb, at my old work I would always forget to flip the sign. I mean, if you think about it when you go to work (I work in the food industry too) you have a check list in your head and the little things get forgotten about. But, weirdly enough everyone used to always walk in anyway! Haha.

i was just gonna say that

I was thinking the same thing!

EmoLittleBish 0

30 - I was thinking the same thing!!

Reminds me of that episode of Spongebob

Yeah right, you were scarfing down all the food and watching porn before the customers got there. "Forgot" to turn the sign on. Right.

that's the obvious reason, riiiiight :p

Heh, it's what I'd be doing. Fuck, I'm hungry. I should watch Food Network to torture myself. Food porn!

Maybe that's why you'll never work in a restaurant ;) wait, wouldn't foodporn be like bees humming in flowers and stuff?

Nah, I'd rather babysit. *WINK WINK* Haha, no. My mom call all things that are desirable porn. Like when you look at really good food on TV it's like the food version of porn. Same with when she and I went house hunting: house porn.

lol, your mum looks like fun, I'm not surprised you're what you are ^^ house porn... could be something totally different. so is you contemplating the idea of having plexi's baby be like... child porn? oO

Yep, my mom is hilarious. My whole family is a little whacky. Ha, no, it has to be watching something similar to porn only instead of sexual, it's exciting in some other way. I miss my plexi. :(

well, that's how I had understood it... Anyway. Plexi was here not that long ago, wasn't he? Maybe you need de-plexitoxication ;)

Noooo, I need MORE plexi. He went to bed a few hours ago. He probably won't be on for another couple hours. :( I wonder if I could (and better yet if I SHOULD) extort money out of him...

well, THAT is something I'm not understanding. How/why would you extort money from him?

Habit. I have a thing, mildly similar to kleptomania, where I want to have people give me lots and lots of things. Every time I go into someone's house, I think, "Wow, what awesome stuff. I wonder if they'll give me any of it." When I befriend someone with a lot of money, I think, "Wow, I wonder if they like me enough to share that money." It's a terrible problem. I fight it for all I'm worth. I've yet to beg from him.

lol, seems like a good time to ask indeed. So you reckon he's got lots of money?

I know he has enough to be able to afford giving me some. :) You forget, I stalked him relentlessly until I got a bunch of personal info out of him.

well, I didn't know that, and, well, I'm not surprised ^^

You're not going to have to extort or steal anything from me, you're just going to have to earn it! (weenk!)

I can do that! Oh wow, if I'm getting paid for everything I'm going to're going to need a second job.

fmlissoooooofked 0

your wack

I've seen this happen before, but I dont know where! Oh wait, maybe on Spongebob SquarePants the show 7 years ago? THEIF

Nice... Lmao. YDI. :)

Liar no one can be that stupid.

Did anyone else think of Spongebob, or was that just me because I have 2 little siblings who watch it 24/7?

abbymybowl 0

ha, thats exactly what i thought of

riku3220 2


Amy_10 0

yes i immediately thought of that! i hope people will say "Fake! i saw this on Spongebob!!!!!"

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#18 SAME HERE!!! Props to all thought of spongebob when they read this!!!

Oh, look, Squidward! We forgot to switch the closed sign to open! It's as if we could've taken the whole day off!

Sun_Kissed18 25

Yupp, thats what I thought as well

Not a single customer?? I bet your restaurant sucks. Usually people will try their luck even if the "open" sign is not on during normal business hour.. And don't you have regular customers??

King_of_Kings 3

well you just reached the all new level of being a dumb fucking shit

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spongebob reference? hahah

kballa21 2

Was just thinking of that, original much?

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