By Brian - 16/07/2011 19:19 - United States

Today, after working all day and putting in hours of overtime, I realized I never clocked in. FML
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Although I feel bad, you kind of deserve this.

flockz 19

prostitutes tend to not have time clocks. i suggest you start practicing.


Although I feel bad, you kind of deserve this.

You could just tell your manager and he/she could fix that for you :)

Yes, explain it to your manager. If he or she is such a dick* and refuses to fix it, just give a good fight. Don't give up. * or ******?

I don't think he/she will give a shit

Lol 24 right? it's not a dilemma people

KatrinaKitten 16

At least you learned a lesson!

And that is why folks, I put sticky notes reminding me to do things on my computer.

garrettsgirl 0

isn't that the first thing you do when you go to work?

flockz 19

naw i take a massive shit while drinking my coffee.

ambeeelove 0

no u clock in then go take a shit! nothing better then ******** on the clock :) haha

hey, you couldve had egg in your hair. now THAT wouldve sucked.

Wow KatrinaKitten you are on a roll! not only did you get first comment on this FML but you also got one of your FMLs uploaded. Go you!

WallyTheWombat 0

This isn't really a big deal. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to work off the clock. Just talk to whoever is in charge and they should put in your hours for you. If you work for a big corporation, they are usually very good with stuff like this.

tjv3 10

just tell your supervisor to fix it

monkeys1315 0

I've done that before too and felt like an idiot.

93-- I guess she's on an egg-roll! hhaha? get it? never mind :/

that is just sad I have no advice for you....

when you try and reference another FML, please make sure it actually has some connection to this one,otherwise you just look like a knob. thank you and goodbye ;)

tsume24 3

40: your comments always get thumbed down because you don't make any ******* sense.

Who cares if he makes sense that dog in the picture is sexy.

109 clearly understands my intentions!

-115 And I completely understand yours, hey you want to join my cult... Oh I mean uhh... I mean uh... religion?

104- You say you're a Grammar Nazi, yet you don't understand the importance of capitalization....

133 - Capitalization and grammar are two different areas. :)

No they're not...capitalization is part of grammar...

tsume24 3

not really. I never capitalize sentences online, and I never really have. that doesn't mean I have bad grammar. you can stop trying to make me look bad because you're butt-hurting about being thumbed down, any time now. btw, I grammar-nazi things like your/you're & there/they're/their mistakes, run-on sentences, lack of punctuation/abbreviation, typos, etc. capitalization is the least important thing to a grammar nazi. (:

yourlifesfucked 0

Not to butt in, but your bio says something about "It's the internet" isn't an excuse to use poor grammar, and yet you JUST said you don't capitalize online. That, sir, makes you a raging hypocritical douchebag.

tsume24 3

that's ok, I changed my bio just for you. (:

Dang, that sucks:( sorry OP, make sure you clock in next time! But idk if it's FYL or YDI?

aww... that's sucks. your company appreciates your humbled extra work! :P

iluhyahh 0

anyone who worked overtime with you to help verify your story? your boss might be a bit flexible, fyl

flockz 19

prostitutes tend to not have time clocks. i suggest you start practicing.

Dudelike89 8

Oh - You're in the prostitute business?? What kind of kittens are fuzzy?

I doubt that "Brian" would make it as a prostitute -.-

flockz 19

you and i are obviously thinking about different brians. the one im thinking about is a dog.

well I don't think that this Brian is, but either way...

I'm gonna have to agree with 2 for this one. maybe you talk to your boss about it if he/she is a cool guy/girl

sarahmcgeee 5

tell your boss and get your hours it can't be that hard. my bosses are understanding...