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This isn't really a big deal. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to work off the clock. Just talk to whoever is in charge and they should put in your hours for you. If you work for a big corporation, they are usually very good with stuff like this.

  tsume24  |  3

not really. I never capitalize sentences online, and I never really have. that doesn't mean I have bad grammar. you can stop trying to make me look bad because you're butt-hurting about being thumbed down, any time now.

btw, I grammar-nazi things like your/you're & there/they're/their mistakes, run-on sentences, lack of punctuation/abbreviation, typos, etc. capitalization is the least important thing to a grammar nazi. (:


Not to butt in, but your bio says something about "It's the internet" isn't an excuse to use poor grammar, and yet you JUST said you don't capitalize online. That, sir, makes you a raging hypocritical douchebag.