By anon - 24/05/2012 18:59 - United States - Pasadena

Today, I am on vacation in the Smoky Mountains with my parents. They just decided to take me to the place I was conceived seventeen years ago: a bench at a public park. FML
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Mmm wonderful family memories.

Think about it like this, if they never did it on the bench you wouldn't be here today :)


Mmm wonderful family memories.

A bench in the middle of the mountains, nothing out of the ordinary...

Scarred for life.

Kinky! But still I wonder why your parents would take you there hmm..

Bad news: They video taped it, and it's on RedTube. Good News: The broken condom is still there, too! You can sue the condom company!

Big deal. Your parents had sex and created you. Get over it.

Tell them thanks for showing you this bench and that you may try to conceive their grandchild on it.

Bravesfan319 11

At least they only showed you the bench...

xoconnie 8

i dont understand y they would tell u that?!? thats so awkward and really something no one needs to know...

parents will never learn...

I agree.....this is what happens when you teach kids about STORKS.

What is all of this nonsense?!? ^^. Get off my thread >:(

Was it still dirty

Yeah, I heard people are starting to preform public bondage and bukkake sessions. Dirty dirty stuff...

SuperDerp 8

Well, if you think being conceived in a park is bad, you should read the story about a guy who slept in the bed he was conceived in.

Yeah of course after about 10 or 20 years maybe 30 the bench would be dirty that makes sense

I have some sarcasm you could borrow.

72 you need to keep it

Might see the remains of your failed sister or brother!

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Bukkake Skoomaki!

What if it was winter? Gotta stay warm some how.

^ were... what if it WERE winter... I'm sorry, major pet peeve. Coomence the thumb downs and grammar nazi comments

gurly98 13

53- coomence? I thought u were a grammar nazi

Didn't mean to put the two "o's" and I'm not a grammar nazi usually. I said it because I thought people would say that.

dsbs 9

Shut up

GRAMMAR NAZI! Not everybody here is a native English speaker, deal with it

Take a deep breath maybe have a seat on the bench. It's the circle of life!

I surely would not want the image of my biological parents making love on a park bench, or anywhere actually.

Why point out 'biological' parents? Would it be okay for you if they weren't biological?

notyobabymomma 4

Because if they are the biological parents they created her where adoptive parents didn't? That's the way I took it anyway

I would be even more disturbed to learn that my adoptive parents knew where my biological parents conceived me.

Sorry for making my post self specific. I'm not adopted. :) My parents are divorced so I have a set of two, but either way not an appealing picture speaking for myself.

Think about it like this, if they never did it on the bench you wouldn't be here today :)

zuzupetalsYO 11

Did they go down memory lane and make you a little bro or sis?

Your their special little mistake.

I meant your their special little Accident not mistake...

I think you meant "you're". And OP is no mistake :)

Ya I messed up a lot and I meant accident.

Looks like the only mistake here was your grammar

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tHeDaRkNeSs006 10

I wouldnt say OP is a mistake or an accident its possible they planned on boning and getting pregnant. Deffinately a great story to tell

KiddNYC1O 20

Definitely* damn.

tHeDaRkNeSs006 10

Well Grammar Nazi I am truly sorry my typo offended you,but last time I checked FML was not an English class.

^pretty sure it is basic english grammar class.....

tHeDaRkNeSs006 10

Pretty sure if you had much of a life you wouldn't spend it bitching about one mistake. Shit happens. So march on back to your little grammar nazi deathcamp and gas the lower life forms that make the real mistakes like this:K thx bi!

You saying that jews are a lower life form and they are the ones who makes the mistakes?

#116 - Please don't go there. Grammar is one thing. What you are saying insults you.

Sorry but he was going on about his 'deathcamp', 'lower life forms' etc while talking about gramarnazis so.... just thought that someone might just take it wrong like I did.

Seriously? You guys started talking about Jews and ruined all the fun the rest of us (you know, normal people who didn't for even one fleeting moment equate grammar nazism with antisemitism) were going to have gassing lower life forms in Grammar Nazi Deathcamp? For ****'s sake...

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Wonder what people would do if they knew what happened...

Llamacod 11 their McDonalds chicken nuggets to get that "natural" shape.

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You guys should pose for a family picture in front of that bench. "Well, this is awkward".

That ***** romantic

"That's some seriously romantic shit there, Mom and Dad. Too cheap for a hotel I see, Dad."

tHeDaRkNeSs006 10

That bench was probably better than some of the motels in that area. They usually are pretty rough.

Oh yeah. Damn right it's rough. *slapped*

K_kanaka 26

Awwwwww how nice to see where it all began for you op.

I thumbed you down because your profile picture. Super egotistical.

I thumbed you down for your comment. No one gives a shit.