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Today, my parents invited all their kids and grandkids to join them on a vacation trip to the mountains; all their kids except me, that is. I'm not invited. But they did invite my ex-husband. And his new girlfriend. FML
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you must have been a terrible child

I wasn't (and I'm still not) a horrible child. I was referring to my grandmother. Not my whole family. I guess I should have made that clearer. She tends to forget about random people in our family. She'll have a family reunion and not invite five people because she either forgot we existed or thought we weren't important enough. She doesn't have a mental illness or anything like that. I didn't mean that my situation was exactly like the OP's. I just meant that members of both of our families have a way of making you feel insignificant.

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man that would suck, not getting invited to vacation, but your ex gets to go.....

I don't understand how someone's parents could be that cruel to their own child..

Some say, if you want to get screwed, go to a ***** house, but if you really want to get effed, go see a family member.

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That sounds like a load of horse-shit. Did you tell them you wanted to go, or was it just them forgetting to invite you?

There must be something wrong with you. So FYL. They must see you as the party pooper, n they deffinetely dont wsnt you stinkin up their parade.

Irrespective of what someone is like, family is family.

Blood means nothing. Family is about how you connect with and feel about someone.

Whoa...that's just ****** up all the way.

Wow...what did you do to make them act that way?

haha wow u must be a pain in the ass or a real bitch...


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I'm the Purple Sheep in my family too :)

I'm pretty sure the saying is black sheep, not purple..

lol your family hates you. good luck with that.

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probably not very nice of me to say.. but... considering my family situation at the moment.. DANG I don't have it that bad! That harsssssssh sucks.... good luck though..?

Ouch! I gotta say that really sucks. I feel soooo bad for you right now! God dammit, thats terrible!