By jc2011 - 25/09/2011 07:23 - Australia

Today, after months of grueling training and countless early mornings, I finally began the race I had been preparing for over the past year, only to slip and break my leg in the first 450 meters. FML
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All the speed in the world doesn't matter if you don't watch where you're going.

Did you have a nice trip?


kmiks411 0

Try not falling

fthislyfe 22

That was like the best advice I've ever seen!

morganrules123 10

No training can prepare one for wet asphalt

How can you try to not fall it just happens.

theres always next year !

I'm sure he wasn't trying to fall.

have you ever done track? when you push off you are on the edge of falling over and at that speed a few pebbles can make you fall. don't say stupid things unless you could do better..

Morgan, training on wet asphalt can prepare you for wet asphalt.

Damn_Hippster 11

You should have tried training with a broken leg. It might have helped.

He tried. Or else he would have fell at the starting point.

And how do you practice not slipping? Since that was the reason they fell

StopDropNRoll 11

Maybe he can practice how to land when he slips so he doesn't break anything?

Wow... Guess you didn't train hard enough?

..... Because training has everything to do with "don't fall. Practice not falling."

yes because training prevents accidents.....i guises your parents didn't train enough ;)

bitchslapped22 14

Are you fucking stupid? Even the best athletes in the world get injured, it has nothing to do with how much you train.

manMadeFAIL 7

Thats horrible dude i hope u fet better and remeber never give up

3 your spelling totally suits your name...

yes, its metric for yards? didnt you learn that in science or math class?

All the speed in the world doesn't matter if you don't watch where you're going.

I ran into a wall and broke my arm when I was little. It hurt D:

Wow 26, what a touching childhood story :)

ImOlivia 5

Cool story bro, tell it again.

Why don't you just read it again you lazy ass

Did you have a nice trip?

I guess we'll see you next fall.

i see what u two did there ;) ^

72... They're puns. :/ You must be new to the FML cult?

maybe you can run next fall.

It's so frustrating.

train again for next time when u recover !

Banana peel wins again.

Wizardly01 6

Wow lol

If it was a 450 meter race then it's not that bad.

He broke it in the first 450 meters.

sirhobothesecond 3

40- No shit, Sherlock.

#43 - Clearly you didn't read the post which #40 commented on. They were pointing out that OP fell within the first 450 meters of the race considering #12 didn't understand. So, congratulations on making yourself look rude and obnoxious.

#45 the joke that #12 is making is that falling 450 meters into a 450 meters race is not bad because that would mean that op has finished the race.

This whole thread is a fail