By jc2011 - 25/9/2011 07:23 - Australia
Today, after months of grueling training and countless early mornings, I finally began the race I had been preparing for over the past year, only to slip and break my leg in the first 450 meters. FML
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By  kmiks411  |  0

Try not falling


have you ever done track? when you push off you are on the edge of falling over and at that speed a few pebbles can make you fall. don't say stupid things unless you could do better..

By  Crazyjoe33  |  6

Wow... Guess you didn't train hard enough?

  MissMae93  |  23

#43 - Clearly you didn't read the post which #40 commented on. They were pointing out that OP fell within the first 450 meters of the race considering #12 didn't understand. So, congratulations on making yourself look rude and obnoxious.