By Anonymous - United States - Pomona
Today, in court, my client ran his mouth at the judge, cursing him out and then trying to lecture him on "freedom of speech" when he was found in contempt. I don't know what it is with these nutjobs, but I wish I'd never become a public defender. FML
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  Jazze_fml  |  10

that's not actually the case in a court room.

in a court room the judge has abseloute power and if you are told to shut up you shut up.

you do not have freedom of speech in a court room. it's one of the very few exceptions.


You misinterpreted what I said. You have free speech, until you violate another person's rights. The judge had the right to wield all power (inherent). So the defendant violated the judge's right to wield authority over the individual. And yes, the judge didn't warrant the slander regardless. (Btw, slander can encompass cursing. It is a broad term).


Have you studied American law, considering that you are from a different country from us, and therefore, have differences in laws? Making false and malicious statements can be liberally interpreted.

On a side note, it seems like some people are being intentionally malicious towards me. There is a downvote button. If you don't like whatever I say, use it. No need to directly and rudely attack me.

  tarlax  |  11

Haha, oh dear. You really have no idea what slander is, do you? Actually, you remind me of those people who get into internet debates and start screaming "slander" or "libel" the moment someone makes a rude comment about them. Slander is a false statement intended to cause material harm to somebody's professional reputation. It's NOT the same as hurting someone's feelings with some coarse language. Speaking of which, we can indirectly attack you if you'd like.


I know what it means colloquially and in terms of the law. I didn't know that I was going around screaming "slander", nor that I get into debates. There is a definitive difference between a debate and a response. I doubt that you are anyone to be criticizing people anyway.

  tarlax  |  11

That's right, I'm an idiot because you say I am. And everyone who downvoted and buried you too, I don't doubt. Yet you care enough to make a meaningless, evasive reply and then post another proclaiming that you just don't care. I feel like a very special idiot.

Don't worry, though, I'll be the bigger man and stop replying after this. But I know you have to have the last word, so go on and make it special. :')

  jaytx123  |  3

in this instance the client does not have the right to freedom of speech, in certain places such as schools, the court room, ect. certain rights are taken away. freedom of speech is one of these rights that are taken away. So next time before you run your mouth, how about you learn the facts?

  fakedsincerity  |  32

So because some people don't have jobs OP shouldn't complain.. on an app made for things which are an FML?
That's ridiculous.

And it's not like it's super easy to just find another job. Come on.

  Tomryan279  |  10

#12 I see your point. I only wrote that because I feel that he should look for another job is he doesn't like the one he has.

#18 I have only worked in minimum wage jobs and work as hard as I can if I do make a mistake I own up to it.

This FML kinda pissed me off cause everyone and the place I work had there hours cut. And I'm looking for a new job cause I can't work here with the hours in working and take care of myself.

By  InfiniteSunshine  |  32

That's terrible, although you are very noble for choosing that field as it is needed and a greatly overburdened area of law. However, if you're really that fed up with it, you have experience and public defending can be a boost to your resume, so it wouldn't be too difficult to switch to another field of law. Such as criminal defense attorney, real estate, family law, financial, it would allow you to have more flexibility with clients, so you would have more choice in the matter, hopefully avoiding such craziness.