Idiots on bikes

By Anonymous - 09/05/2012 18:50 - United States - Castle Rock

Today, as I pulled to a halt at a stop sign, a cyclist ripped through the air, slammed straight into my fender, and almost launched over my car. I ended up being cited for reckless driving. FML
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Ah, sarcastic comments that leave no logical trace of sarcasm.

I don't know about where you are from but here most of the cyclists are suicidal. Never follow rules of the road, stay in their bike lanes, stop at red lights, use hand signals, check before running through a stop sign, and every other rule there is.

Ahh, don't worry. He's probably practicing for the Tour dé France. There are some good cars to crash head on.

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Head-on! Apply directly to the forehead! Okay, I'm done.

64- Head-on, bitch. Apply directly to your goddamn forehead. It's not funny to you, but YOU'RE the one that got thumbed down. HEAD. ON.

this could be taken in two ways depending on how much room you gave your self to stop n your speed or if the cyclist just wasnt paying attention

I was wondering how fast OP was going before stopping as well but this is fml so we aren't supposed to wonder about that.

Dunno why you were -8 for that, it's a fair point. If OP stopped too suddenly or didn't check for cyclists then it's their fault.

1/ He said he was stoping at a stop sign. 2/ He was hit on the fender. This means that he was hit on the side. Unless he ran the stop sign, his car would have to have been going sidewise for it to have been his fault.

He was stopped, at a stop sign. The rider hit his car on the fender. Not the drivers fault. The only this could happen is if the cyclist was wrongfully riding on the sidewalk.

At least he didn't launch INTO the car. But how could you get cited that makes no sense. Fyl

My cousin did that on his scooter, straight through the passenger window

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Yeah fight that shit. Some cops are just on a power trip

This take it to court he isn't a pedestrian and he ht you. Like any other accident he is at fault for rear ending you

TL;DR version: You weren't paying enough attention and hit a biker you moron

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Uh actually I don't think it says shit about the bike.

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You read the FML. Nothing is said about the bike. Haha

Cyclists are a motorists worst enemy...

Cars are a biker's worst enemies. Especially when they throw coffee out the window at you.

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Cyclists generally have their eye out for cars. It's usually the motorist that pays no attention to cyclists.