By toilet_trouble - 19/04/2014 07:44 - United States

Today, after living in my apartment for nearly a year, I heard my neighbor having a violent toilet session. Now I realize he's always been able to hear the wrath of my bowels too. We wave at each other every day. FML
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Hi. Some of your comments really made me laugh! So, it surprised me I heard him because I've never heard anything other than a vacuum or water in the pipes. This just made me aware he can probably hear a lot more than I previously thought.. Luckily I don't have loud bathroom trips often. I definitely regretted the super loud fart I ripped about 5 minutes prior to hearing him though. :p Anyway, neighbor acts cool so all is well!

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If he hasn't said anything, he probably doesn't give a shit. If you're still concerned play some music while you release your fury.


Timerider_fml 7

It's a bit weird to hear that of a toilet paper ^^

Ahh you took my idea 17! But seriously OP. Battleships will bring you two closer!

35. 2010 called, they want their joke back.

seems as if they already have gotten to know a way...of sorts........

klovemachine 24

I looked in the comments just to see how soon it would be until somebody says that.

After 175 visits you should know that even though there are no FMLs that there are some taboo comments (yours).

If he hasn't said anything, he probably doesn't give a shit. If you're still concerned play some music while you release your fury.

Preferably classical music so you can have the most elegant shit ever.

What if today was him giving a shit? A really big, violent shit?

People like you give metal a bad name :-(

euphoricness 28

Metal gives itself a bad name

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Atleast he hasn't said anything about it, that would be awkward

If OP just found out about this, maybe the neighbor hasn't figured out how thin the walls are yet either.

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I feel you, OP. The walls around mine and the other apartments are so thin that I can hear when someone pees. Just pretend it doesn't happen. :)

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nothing like hearing "ahhhh" after a good piss. my neighbor has an 18 month old whose favorite hobby is yelling as if someone is murdering him at 5am

larrena2377 26

My neighbors like to enjoy each other very loudly every night..

Don't worry about it. It happens to both of you so it shouldn't have to be awkward

Exactly. You guys have shit in common. You would probably get along well! :-)

oddities 20

At least he's nonjudgemental about it. That's a bright side. I guess.

oddities 20

#33, what? How is that related to my comment? What does "uvu" even mean?

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#63, I think they're saying the neighbor is non judgmental because indeed everyone does poop and if you were to judge someone for it, you would have to judge yourself also. As for the "uvu" part, I'm clueless.

oddities 20

#78, I know. I just wanted to see how they would justify that since they didn't make the connection in the actual comment so it seems a little out of context. "Uvu" though … To Urban Dictionary.

'uvu' is an emoticon, resembling a happy bird. My friends and I use it quite a lot.

xXToxicPenguinXx 12

always remember it could be worse

Well then, you two can become bathroom buddies. And talk about your bathroom stories. Seriously though he probably doesn't give a crap about your bowel movement. It's only natural. He won't judge you and you shouldn't judge him.