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You must be pretty rubbish at cleaning if you managed to get it all over yourself. What did you do, lie down on the floor and roll back and forth in it until your clothes soaked it all up?

I guess your cherry has been found.


I guess your cherry has been found.

She didn't find hers, she only took mine >:C

She can't help being a kleptomaniac.

She could've taken yours though. Why meee D:

She saw my LiveLavaLive bracelet, obviously, and made the right choice.

Aw fuck. I danno what to do nao then ¯|(°_o)/¯ you and your LiveLavaLive powars D:

Teehee! At least I didn't break out the Nat love.

1000 AWESOM POINTS AWARDED TO MERCY! -insert fanfare here-

um thats a good thing

what's wrong with smelling like cherry?? yummy :) cherries smell goooood-it's better then dog crap anyways do u shud b greatful :)

Today, I did my job. I left smelling like cherries. FML

Tell people you have explosive menstrual periods... which smell like cherry.

How the hell did you get covered in cherry? Are you retarded, or did you willingly lie down in the puddle and roll around?

LMAO I can see someone doing that xD Are the tabs for the machine really that flimsy?

That's the stupidest idea ever.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cherrryyyy and third!

At least she didn't come in and break a 12 pack of beers open. The complications could have been terrible.

one word: Robitussin. *shivers*

kids r dumb

You should probably not type in chatspeak, capitalize, and use punctuation before you try calling anybody dumb.

The main reason I liked your comment was your picture is freaking hilarious!

It's better than being covered in vomit. Kids also tend to do that.

Worse things to be covered in, I would have thought. :/

That blows :( FYL _____________________________

Well that is kind of your Job