Nice try

By No.Life. - 14/07/2010 04:09 - United States

Today, I decided not to go on Facebook so people would actually think that I have a life. FML
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FFML_314 11

Instead, you came on FML.

theChupacabras 0

am I the only one who doesn't have a Facebook? and totally fine with that?


FFML_314 11

Instead, you came on FML.

thanks for that one tips

Amy_1995 0

you should kinda like my sister because your addicted to facebook but she has a life which I think you need.

urface132 0

now you can try and get 1

FFML_314 11

I'm baffled as to why #2 and #3 replied to comment #1. Your comment would have still been in the same order lol.

islandjew247 0

8, they're just a bit silly...they want to make sure they're seen, lol.

Anaxes 5

Well, in theory, if everyone simply replied to #1, then we wouldn't have people moping about people replying to #1 and everyone would be in order.

I'm baffled as to why anyone cares where people reply.

My thoughts exactly.

FFML_314 11

I don't care where people reply, I just thought it was weird that they did that because it wouldn't have made a difference. :P

Thabb 0

You probably aren't convincing anyone.

#39 I wanna meet you you seem cool.

Thabb 0

Lol at 46 pic

guckylynn 19

I was thinking the same thing number one... OP just proved they absolutely do not have a life.

insanecuks19 0

lol yea

Are there no outside of the house activities you like to do? Just go hang out in a park or mall. Or go on fb or your phone and start hitting people up to hang out.

pvthill 0

the bad thing bout it she has no friends on fb she jus stares waiting for a fr or something to happen like chip..... south park lol

OhWowFYLindeed 0

Stupid Facebook FMLs.. I deny every single one and they still get put on! D:

How can your life be fukced if you have "no life"?

Why would you say that?

Altoreto 0

well u ended up on FML so u still don't have a life

I don't have a life and I still don't go on face book.

lol 88 so true

yea 84. this fml sucks! I said "how'd this get past the moderators" and they moderated my comment. I guess they can't take a little criticism. big babies!

unless OP was only playing games, I would say congratz for having enough friends that actually talk to you on facebook.

theChupacabras 0

am I the only one who doesn't have a Facebook? and totally fine with that?

I had a Facebook.. but I deleted it but damn it was hard to work on the computer, I could of only understood the app on no Droid or on Facebook mobile lol. anyways op don't feel bad, go get some friends and make yourself a great life.

VeryNice329 0 & I are in the same boat! I thought I was the only one. lol.

I meant on" my" Droid, stupid Droid.

wow you don't have a fb but you go on FML amazing

VeryNice329 0

Way to be a smart ass. Ya dink.

collegegirl87 0

I've never had a facebook either and it doesn't bother me!

I could care less about facebook and all other sites like that. I agree with you.

Shaunisaloser 0

Obviously not if your on FML... v.v

judices 0

na I don't have one am I missing something?

aprylrain7 7

Nope I too am without a Facebook or any social networking site for that matter! Life goes on.

sweet_j_tbr 0

Go Out ... And don't come back without a life Ok ?

YDI for using FB.

What #7 said.

Dammit, Freyr and MightyWalrus, if you agree with me, you're taking all the fun out of trolling! Where the hell are all the FB myrmidons? They're supposed to be screaming in its defense by now! "ZOMG, I LUVZ ME SOME FARMVILLE!!"

Hi_Itz_Me 0

Facebook isn't that bad but Farmville is a very stupid waste of time.

FreshSalad 1


FUCK YOU TROLLZ!! FB 4 LIFE!!! I do what I can to help.

Instablend 3

holy shit lol at 38 in combination with 27, so perfectly lulz inducing

That's why you have no life.

You are on Facebook therefore it is assumed you don't have a life anyway. Get over it!

So how did that work for you?

letsgododgers213 0

you're like my bro. he is on facebook every minute. it gets annoying. anyone has the same problem

umm commen sense.. go out and tlk to ppl face to face and get a life..

FFML_314 11

Maybe (s)he is mute. (S)he can wander around though. That sounds like fun.

nonamayne 0

omg ur so facsinating