By Anonymous - 20/09/2015 15:23

Today, I accidentally farted at a board meeting. My boss thought it came from the guy sitting next to me and gave him hell for being a pig. I was too mortified to say anything, even when the guy blamed it on me, which caused my boss to rage at him for lying and then to kick him out. FML
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You honestly should've said something, it sucks that that poor guy had to deal with that


Hunkapoo 19

More of a dick move on the bosses part, its a bodily function and we can't always control it. but still OP should have said something instead of let the other person take all the heat and embarrassment.

Dick move on both OPs and the bosses part. Rather unprofessional to say the least

You know when it's coming so go to the bathroom

you don't always know when it's coming. sometimes they just sneak out unexpectedly.

YourOpinionSucks 22

Must have some sort of crazy loose anus to not have any sort of hint that something could be coming out.

Why did he call him a pig when it was obviously the dog?

That's sad. He was not allowed to farticipate anymore.

You honestly should've said something, it sucks that that poor guy had to deal with that

JustinJK 21

In a way i can understand OP's embarrassment but come on, OP's boss just overreacted. There's absolutely no reason to give someone hell for something that can be hard to control and very unhealthy to hold in. Honestly

tantanpanda 26

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Sometimes you think it's going to be a silent one but it comes out loud...And you can't really compare a fart to be... Fart may smell for a little bit and make noise but pee actually makes a mess... Just saying.

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Xandrick 22

>Implying everyone has said skill of silencing their farts.

That might have been a bitch move, but it's still funny as hell.

one of the perks of being a woman, everyone assumes it was the guy who farted.

It's true. The boss is a jerk and I feel awful for op and the coworker; but picturing this fml is just hilarious.

sometimes one just slips out, I feel like your boss is in the wrong for being such a dick

I don't think your boss wanted to realize that girls fart too