By ezrocks4u - 20/09/2015 13:58 - United States - Charlotte

Today, the nicest present I received for my 18th birthday was a free razor in the mail. It was then stolen by my mom. FML
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Hi, OP here. To give some context, I got a few t shirts for my birthday. My birthday was a month ago(thanks for the birthday wishes!) but only found out about the fact that my mom stole said razor a day ago, because I saw the package addressed to me in the trash. Needless to say, it is too late to steal back. I had posted another birthday FML(from the actual day of) never got posted. Got locked outside of my car in the rain for 3 hours, couldn't afford a locksmith, and missed my birthday dinner.

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Aww that sucks op. I hope you have a happy birthday anyway!

Happy birthday!


Aww that sucks op. I hope you have a happy birthday anyway!

Happy birthday!

You probably won't want that razor back...

A Happy birthday! Maybe she'll shave it for later...

That sucks op, for what it's worth happy birthday

She probably needs to shave more than you do. Either way, she shouldn't razor daughter by being such a bad example.

That was bad and you should feel bad.

I would feel bad if you mattered. You don't matter at all. People who tell others to feel bad should go fuck themselves in a corner. Enough bs in this world without scum like yourself. Leave and let be.

wow that escalated unnecessarily fast

Maybe they share?

Happy birthday!

Well... At least next year can't be much worse, right?

happy birthday from all of us at fml. hope ot doesnt happen again next year

Happy birthday OP!!