By mariokarter - United Kingdom
Today, on the train on the way to my mother's house, I was playing Mariokart with my son. He got a 'bomb' item, and yelled quite loudly, "I have a bomb!". Panic ensued. We got thrown off the train at the next stop. FML
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  jweezy101  |  0

if the were on an airplane that might have gotten killed. Because there was this mentally ill guy and said he had a bomb and the air marshal shot him in the head.

  shikari  |  0

They don't use guns on airplanes.
It would make it too easy to steal a weapon and hi-jack the plane.
Besides, the bullet could rupture the plane shell bla bla bla

  cindybuzz  |  5

I've seen it happen before here, a coupla teenagers were messing about and one of them started shouting about bombs; they got kicked off. Also - she lives in London. Course she was kicked off :P

  djspazy  |  0

Do you have any idea how paranoid people can get? Especially after that London bus bombing incident. If you go to an airport and yell out bomb, you will get arrested.

  LewJH  |  0

He was playing Mariokart on DS. They really wouldn't of taken it seriously, considering they were going to the sons grandmothers, he really couldn't of been that old. I call fake.

  Vonni  |  0

When my brother was in SIXTH GRADE he got sent to JUVENILE HALL just because he was joking with his friends on our bus and shouted, "I've got a bomb!" Our bus driver pulled over and called the cops and even pressed charges to, "teach him a lesson." He was only in for two days, but still. It's ridiculous. Although, this was America and at least the same year as 9/11.


London is probably one of the strictest places when it comes to bombs and security, so it makes sense that they were kicked off the train. at least they didn't immediately throw them off the train or something. but you don't joke about bombs in public. it's just stupid. although, i'm not referring to the OP's son here. my american school...we're literally not allowed to say the word bomb.

even if the people in charge of the train knew that they clearly didn't have a bomb (and no, they don't have to check you to throw you off), other people would definitely react, and they could say you caused a scene and still throw you off.

OP, all i have to say is, THANK GOD you were not on a plane or at an airport, especially in london.

  musu_fml  |  0


Don't understate the case; those bombings were in trains as well as the bus; London has suffered bombings on the trains, so it makes sense that there's a little paranoia when the word "bomb" gets coupled together with the word "train".


"I have" is stating that you have posession of something now. "I got" is (in a crude, improper way) stating that you gained posession of something in the past. These are two very different things (simples!), and the boy could very easily have meant the former.

  catriona_cd  |  0

i dont know.. i saw a man banned from flying a certain airline. when they asked him what was in his violin case he opend it and said it was a gun.. Even tho the person checking it could see it WAS a VIOLIN she still called the cops to have him removed. Its so fucked up now.. he opened it to show her b4 he said it was a gun ffs. so what the op said is not a stretch of imagination realy. poms have become so paranoid.

  jweezy101  |  0

just so you know there have been quite few insidents on public transportation with bombs in London. So I think anywhere in the western world they that take talk about bombs seriously.