By nic - 01/04/2009 20:06 - United States

Today, for April fools I decided to set off the smoke detectors in my friend's apartment while he was sleeping and saran wrap the outside of his bedroom doorway so he would smack into it. Instead, he jumped out the window and broke his leg. FML
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Idk whether to say your friends a moron, or you are.

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Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.


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it should have been the other way around. he writes an FML, not you.

Idk whether to say your friends a moron, or you are.

why do people use the word ****** against each other? my Italian friends would never call me a guinea, so you ******* faggots should stop using ******.

I would do the same back to you. you can be cripple buddys

You both deserve it b/c 1. That's not a good joke and 2. Why do you think they have fire drills, "friend of the OP"?

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haha that's what I was thinking. the Op isnt a very good "friend"

Just because OP's friend was stupid enough to jump out a window without checking the conditions of his surroundings first, doesn't mean the OP is cruel. I thought it started out as a pretty well intended prank.

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he deserved it.. you dont just jump out the window when the smoke detector goes off!! you make sure there's a real fire first!

thats technicaly what your supposed to do because fire can engolphe a room pretty damn fast and you better not be in that room so jump the **** out

*Engulf. You tried way too hard to spell that.

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249's comment made me rofl all over the place.

wow i cant tell which one is worse... hes probably gonna smack u with his crutches and shove it up ur butt

wow ur a great sure he loves you now......