By Nutless - 02/04/2009 00:34 - United States

Today, one of my baseball teammates thought it would be funny to perform a "cup-check", by hitting our crotches with the end of a baseball bat. I was actually watching the game, so I didn't see him when he came up and hit me. I wasn't wearing a cup. My nuts have shrunk by half of regular size. FML
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If your [future] kids say they've never had a near-death experience, tell them differently!

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So, why weren't you wearing a cup?


Herbz 0

So, why weren't you wearing a cup?

VolleyballSMASH 1

My question too... Why weren't you?

He was WATCHING the game. ******* retards. -.- FYL op! Shit happens.

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his team was probelly hitting and he was up by the fence. and not many kids wear cups no more. I realized that I was the only one to wear a cup on my JV highschool baseball team, no ****! I got shit down there to protect and I use them, no way Ima risk them going out of business.

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he was watching the game but why wasnt he wearing a cup? you dont have to not be watching to wear it, dumbass. OP, YDI

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I wanna know y didn't you kick his ass.

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#119 Probelly like advanced stomach? Pro belly??? wow. :)

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he wasn't in the game he was watching it

106-no he means he was on the BENCH watching the game

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Ouch! Glad I'm a girl and don't have to worry about that... Don't know why your teammate felt the need to do a cup check. That's just weird.

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wouldn't it still hurt you just allot less?

VolleyballSMASH 1

Not really, just the same as anywhere else. Maybe a fraction more. OP- I kind of know how you feel. Me and a couple of close friends were having a waterballoon fight. We hit this guy Joe, in the balls, three times. And point blank with a squirt gun ( his fault, we were fighting over it ). After that, he was all for the hot tub, and no more waterballoons. :) poor Joe.

its a joke we all do me and my fruends do stuff like this too just before the game vy like an hour so that our balls have time to come back up and understand that thousands of our potential children have died

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Clearly you've never been hit in the ******, you very well should worry about that. Shit hurts

Your teammate is a complete ass. Hit him in the nuts next time you see him, he deserves that shit.

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If your [future] kids say they've never had a near-death experience, tell them differently!

You're playing a sport where the ball can travel faster than a speeding car, and you don't protect your jewels? You deserve that one.

Shrinking isnt a problem... maybe it's just cold. You only have to worry if they swell up

I'd like to think this was followed by your teammate hollerin "Found one!" at the coach followed by an inquiry along the lines of #1 and #2 from the coach and teammate as they're crouched down next to your fetally positioned body. ;) P.S Ice bath.