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  onlychildFTW  |  33

Why would you be under the opening in a laundry chute? What if someone threw dirty underwear down??? That wouldn't hurt but wouldn't be pleasant.

You shouldn't stand under any type of chute ever!

  ShyAnn29  |  14

When my brother and I were younger, we had a babysitter that let us play in the laundry chute we had, we got a rope, and she would hold one end while we would climb up the laundry chute, that babysitter didn't last very long, lol

  perdix  |  29

I'll bet it's a bunch of sore losers that were pissed off that I was going to win the Guessing Game. We have to wait for the OP to tell us the answer.

Surely, it's got to be one of my guesses and I have a hunch who it i$ ;)