By Anonymous - 01/10/2012 23:19 - United States - Topeka

Today, my roommate thought it would be funny to throw a brick down the laundry-chute. Guess who spent the night at the hospital. FML
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What a total brick!? You chute kick him out.

Who throws a brick down a laundry-chute? Hope you heal up OP!


What were you doing in the laundry chute lol?

beccaishereyay 11

There's two openings to a laundry chute you know...

UrCapsLockOn 12

What happens in the the laundry chute stays in the laundry chute

Except for falling bricks from your idiotic roommate.

Why would you be under the opening in a laundry chute? What if someone threw dirty underwear down??? That wouldn't hurt but wouldn't be pleasant. You shouldn't stand under any type of chute ever!

Except a parachute, I mean if you want to live of course...

beccaishereyay 11

Uhh maybe they were gathering laundry to put a load in? Just a guess.

Well.. I think 3 has the best comment. Makes it easy to compare a chute to a ******. Nobody pits bricks in cooters, so you shouldn't put it in the chute.

patacus 14

26/27, are you even saying?

When my brother and I were younger, we had a babysitter that let us play in the laundry chute we had, we got a rope, and she would hold one end while we would climb up the laundry chute, that babysitter didn't last very long, lol

Maybe the weight of the brick sent it flying like a projectile out of the chute

What a total brick!? You chute kick him out.

I totally agree with your puns. (P.S. "Today, my roommate thought it would be funny to..." F. Y. L. )

Your roommate after you beat the shit out of him/her?

I just have to say that your picture is really funny. XD

I'm imaging OP getting slapped around by a, uh, hand penis thing. Quite amusing.

You realize your roommate threw the brick because he knew you were in the laundry chute, right?

You realize you're just now realizing what the rest of us instantly realized?

kittenvks 11

I'm hoping you threw the brick at his face and made him go with you!

borkchop1992 15

Bad luck brian tries to do laundry

perdix 29

I'm putting my money on: 1) Tim Tebow 2) Ke$ha 3) Vladimir Putin How much do I win for guessing correctly?

perdix 29

I'll bet it's a bunch of sore losers that were pissed off that I was going to win the Guessing Game. We have to wait for the OP to tell us the answer. Surely, it's got to be one of my guesses and I have a hunch who it i$ ;)