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Today, I got an e-mail regarding an IT support job I applied to. The e-mail had numerous formatting errors due to bad code, and typos all over the place. It said I wasn't qualified for the job. FML
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Fix the errors, send it back. Maybe they'll reconsider!

Hold on, let me go buy Rosetta Stone for that.


Fix the errors, send it back. Maybe they'll reconsider!

i highly doubt it n if da errors were done purposely to check they would ve been tooo dam hard to spot n i wonder anybody reads tht kinda letters soo carefully

Hold on, let me go buy Rosetta Stone for that.

@12, lol I find it amusing that when I put my cursor over "Rosetta Stone" in your post, an ad for Pimsleur language-learning software comes up next to it.

#8 Lol I literally have no idea what you're trying to say..... Take two ? *pulls out clapper board*

Jesus ******* Christ #8... Please get off FML and focus on school some more. You made my brain hurt!

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this is exactly what I was thinking. OP, you've got nothing to lose! I say do it, at the very least it will make you feel better lol

No... He wasn't. Go read his profile, he was totally serious.

Hold up, I gotta translate this on Google Translate.

Yeah maybe they'll reconsider seeing how you corrected them

I think they will just take it as an insult. Doubt they will offer him a job for correcting an email.

Well, I'm sure OP is insulted so here's to getting even?

14) who cares if they take it as an insult at this point? OP didn't get the job. It's worth a shot in my opinion. I would fix all the errors and send it back in a heartbeat. I did something similar when applying for my job and it actually made them reconsider and I ended up getting the job.

Cheer up mate. Just shows how underqualified your boss would be

You don't need that job anyways, you are obviously above their level.

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It'll be okay. Maybe they sent it to the wrong person

Isn't your profile picture that girl Sarah Ellen (I hope that's her name)

off topic... miianah you could be right. All I know is that the original image is on multiple stock photo sites.

Remembers me of a e-mail I got from a 'programming university', I couldn't read it because the HTML code didn't let me.

Does it remember you when you were learned to read too?

Yeah, they teached me how to read broken HTML code and got in the way of everything, including when it looked like an alphabet soup.

With that last one, I'm having a really hard time figuring out if 40 is serious or not...

HTML isn't code in the sense of being a programming language. It's a markup language like YAML. *scurries back in programmer cave*

dafuq is YAML? have heard of HTML, XAML , XML... never heard of YAML...

Fix the errors and then send it back saying that you are sorry you can't take the job because you are obviously OVER qualified.

Maybe they're scared you're better than them, which you apparently are.