By garlicbread - United Kingdom
Today, I decided to make myself a nice meal. I bought expensive pasta and sauce etc. It looked delicious, I decided the finishing touch would be some parmesan cheese. I grabbed the bag and threw a handful of cheese on my meal. The cheese was about 98% mould. FML
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  mermermer  |  0

LOL srsly.

Also, how is buying pre-made pasta and sauce making yourself a nice meal?
More like heating up a pre-made mediocre meal.
Learn to actually cook. Oh, and look at your damn cheese before you go throwing it into your food. Fail :(

  MikeHawke  |  0

OP, are you retarded?
Expensive pasta? Pasta is one of the cheapest foods on earth, if not the cheapest (after rice).
Oh no, you wasted $10 including the sauce, boo freaking hoo.

  chicken_lover  |  2

agreed. i eat pasta like all the time. when i cook a nice meal i make lemon chicken or something with my own sauce and everything. omg, how exciting. it's not that hard to make your own pasta sauce. i have to because i'm allergic to garlic. and homemade sauces are wayyyy better than in a jar. try something exciting. there's a lot of interesting pastas you can make that done come in a box and a jar. and check the freaking cheese next time. it's not that hard to see the mold. also, if you buy cheese that isn't already grated, you can just cut off the moldy spot and the rest of the cheese is still good.

learn to cook a real meal.

  daengh  |  15

it's only 'mold' where they speak Americanised English. In Bristol, UK, it *is* 'mould'. WAKE UP, teh internets is not just available in the USofA.

  emilyda  |  0

You're both wrong. In the United States, its "mold." Everywhere else, its "mould." Kind of like "color" and "colour."

  Sappheyes  |  0

No, 100% mold would mean that cheese is a fungus, since mold is a type of fungus. Cheese is milk that is curdled using bacteria and acids. A handful of cheese types, such as blue, have fungus added to them, after the curdling process. But cheese is still mostly milk.