Social anxiety

By Anonymous - 25/05/2021 06:00

Today, I was eating at my aunt's place with all my cousins and the salad had little green and alive bugs. I didn't want to cause attention, so I tried to pick some off and just kept eating. FML
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Stupid is as stupid does...

You didn’t have to keep eating it...


Why? Did you get sick? Just Curious

thatswhatshesaid 3

But was it tossed or wedged? 😹

You didn’t have to keep eating it...

Stupid is as stupid does...

So take your aunt aside and mention it to her. Better than someone getting sick.

Annies 17

i understand trying to be polite but come on there were bugs in it. just say you’re not hungry (that’s what I do even when I’m expected to eat food I don’t like)

While the great majority of bugs would technically be nutritious and do you no harm - There is no way in hell I would eat food with bugs on it! You can always say no thank you, or eat something else, or quietly tell the person who made the salad about the bugs. (Sometimes older people don’t see well.)