By thunderthighs644 - 23/11/2011 03:21

Today, while jogging, I heard an odd clapping sound over the sound of my iPod. I stopped running, and the sound stopped. This continued for an hour before I realized the slapping sound was my thighs slapping together violently. FML
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2 choices! 1)Keep jogging 2) turn the music up!

You're jogging those thunder thighs off though, so it's okay OP!


2 choices! 1)Keep jogging 2) turn the music up!

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I'd give you a standing ovation but it seems you already have that covered.

Sucks to be you, ydi if you are unhappy with the results of your weight and choose to let yourself be that way. YDI

54 - That is probably why OP is jogging? To lose the weight? Duh? (Jeez...)

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Op if it makes you feel any better I made a remix mp3 of 10 guys fapping off... It should drown out any of your own fapping

My point was they deserve it for letting it get to that point in the first place.

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So you deserve it for letting your stupidity get to this point? Good logic I approve **** bettering yourself.

My_Sweet_Shadow, do you have a stick up your nether area or are you always this negative? Seriously, OP is actually doing something and what did you do? Seriously, the world doesn't need any more negative pricks like you.

Not always in someone's control either. Certain medical conditions and medicines can cause these issues. I once had me weight shoot up 30 pounds in a month from a medication. Took a lot longer to get it back off.

You guys are so serious, this site is supposed to be for fun. And I just checked and I couldn't find any sticks up my butt. Thanks for the downrating!

people don't have to be extremely overweight or even fat for their thighs to rub together lol. I've seen plenty of average girls whose thighs rubbed together just because of the way they walked. at least OP's doing something about it now. the past has passed.

I guess so but the shear image they gave us lead myself and many others that they were overweight. But it is what is.

and many others to think* sorry for the typo... they should add an edit function on here.

115- And you say we have sticks up our ass? Calm down, posting that much is not making you look any better. Let it go and live to post another day. P.S. There is an edit function. Two minutes after posting your comment can be edited.

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First of all I'm not posting to make myself look better, it's simply me responding to other people. I don't need the approval of random people to make my day. Second I don't get upset over silly things such as comments on an FML app. Also, thanks for the heads up on the edit function although I can't find it on the mobile app.

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My_sweet_shadow, You're probably some morbidly obese immature 20 year old thinking that it's fun to put other people down. You're nothing but a selfish prick.

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My sweet shadow, just stop it ok. The hole you're digging is getting deeper and deeper. Give up, accept that your comments all sucked and get on with your life. You have successfully achieved auto thumbs down status thanks to your terrible, awful comments.

1221jamw, your assumptions couldn't be further from the truth but you are entitled to your opinion. Bfsd, I am not digging myself into a hole, you and the others hopping on the bandwagon due to my first comment. Which in fact wasn't really that harsh, I didn't curse them out, call them any sort of harsh/obnoxious name, just stated my opinion on the situation. Nothing about the rest of my comments are actually negative either but you guys still downrate them. It's akin to mob mentality. I will stop posting when I stop having anything to say, if you don't like what I have to say then just ignore my comments, it's as simple as that. You may not agree with me but you don't need to attack my character because of my opinion.

You are the dumbest ******* person alive. Even more than my stupid friend. My_ sweet_shadow I mean.

^"Even more than my stupid friend." is not a sentence.Try again, mister high-and-mighty.

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My_sweet_shadow, actually you are the one making assumptions. How do you know it was her choice to be overweight? An above commenter pointed this out, it very well could be by a medication, something you should try.

Jamw - You are being quite hypocritical... You are in fact assuming that there is an external situation causing them to be overweight. It's always funny when people try to play that card, what you or I say/believe is just speculation on both our parts, unless we were actually able get a response from the OP. By your logic - how do you know it was not her choice to be overweight? Also, telling me I need medication because my view doesn't agree with yours? And you think I am in the wrong here? Every person that has responded to my comments negatively, has gone well out of their way to harass or attack me in some way, yet my original comment wasn't even an attack. Yet do you see me attacking the other commenters? No, I don't because it's pathetic really and says more about their character than mine. You can disagree with me by all means, just do so politely.

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That's fine and i'm not sure if your second comment was an attempt at making a jab at me but I'm not a woman.

Stop reading my comments if you don't like them... I don't see why you come back to an old FML just to complain.

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Ok guys seriously this is FML u both need to calm down.... Get over your selves and stop arguing it's just an fml no need to argue pointlessly over something that u will probably never know the full story of

Once again, I am not angry. Thanks for your concern though. Comments section here is just for that, commenting!

You're jogging those thunder thighs off though, so it's okay OP!

Don't let it bother you your jogging so that those thighs will one day be adequately separated. Use it as motivation to work out more. I bet half the people who try to use this comment board to put you down could stand to lose a few pounds. For the meantime, volume up!

It's difficult for me to understand how people get this large.

She's a liar, if her thighs are do big they slap together you can be almost certain she'd die if she ran for an hour.

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You bring truth to the statement, "thunder thighs." hahaha its all good op, keep exercising & that'll solve your problem.

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And I bet that clapping produced a better beat than the shitty mainstream music of today.

*Makes some popcorn and gets ready for the inevitable war over how good mainstream music is today*

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How could anyone try to argue that mainstream music is good? It's all 4/4 and simplistic. It's designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

If it sounds good, ******* listen to it. The argument of mainstream vs indie is the stupidest ******* argument I've ever heard. We're not having it today, ok?

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Just want to point out that OP never said what kind of music they were listening to so this isn't even worth a point of discussion.

Fap to the rhythm, fap to the beat... |the kid|

57-useless point! They just want to argue about it! (;

Ah, but that is why I only listen to, and lift while listening to dubstep and trance. So much win!!

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50- The happy birthday song sounds good, marry had a little lamb sounds good, yankee doodle sounds good, but would any of us really say it's quality music? Everyone has different tastes, but when music is more complex, it can take you on a different level of consciousness. And no, no drugs required. Plus, I specifically said "beat", which as fyldeep said, you can't argue against.

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50, yes ma'am. Lol. Who are you to decide what gets debated here?

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FYLDeep 25

That's why I like me some Believer. That shit's good. I guess I don't mind the logic that if you like it then listen to it, but the part the irritates me is that the inverse of it doesn't work out. If you don't like mainstream music, you can't not listen to it because it's everywhere. So if that point makes sense to you, great, if not, then what I was trying to say was, "**** Justin Bieber."

I was more on the track of, if you think it sounds good personally, listen to it. Have you ever been listening to an album, then all of a sudden everyone else is too? I assume if you're into strictly "underground" music, you must have had a favourite artist gain more popularity and become mainstream, and it probably would've annoyed you. But this doesn't change the quality of the music itself. All I'm saying is enjoy your music, regardless of whether other people enjoy it too. And yes, **** Justin Bieber.

As for complex music, I agree, it is great to find a really amazing song/artist, but sometimes you can just listen to the simple stuff because it's catchy. Though you'll probably forget the song in a few months, it was good fun at the time.

FYLDeep 25

I can appreciate indie music but it's really not my thing. I'm more of a metalhead/rock'n'roll type guy. And no it doesn't bother me if they become more famous. That just makes it more likely that they'll produce more music. There was a Wisconsin band called Luna Mortis that was pretty damn good and had a killer first album but their label didn't promote them enough and eventually dropped them. The band dissolved shortly afterwards. I think that's a shame.

IMHO music tends to be better when it's not made solely for the purpose of making money

FYLDeep 25

The best musicians are the ones that can focus on being musicians, and don't have to work side jobs for their money.

It's everywhere because ppl r brainwashed into thinking it's actual music.

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How do you not notice that, that sound was coming from your own thighs?

Agreed! It's not like you can't feel your own thighs. Especially if they're in such a condition where you actually start HEARING them.

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How come I got buried and #26 didn't we both basically said the same thing just worded differently?

there could b some good news : u may hav found the beat to a new song

The song could be titled, "the clap between my legs" instant classic

Ah well, at least you're doing something about the situation by getting off your ass to jog! *claps* ;)

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No need to clap, they got that down already.